King Lear (Shakespeare's Globe, 2014)

This article is about a performance of Shakespeare's play. For other uses, see King Lear (disambiguation).

Folger Theatre screened the Shakespeare Globe's performance of King Lear from September 5 to 21, 2014.

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  • Gwendolen Chatfield: Goneril, Curan
  • Bethan Cullinane: Cordelia, Fool
  • Joseph Marcell: King Lear
  • Alex Mugnaiono: Edgar, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Burgundy
  • Bill Nash: Earl of Kent
  • Daniel Pirrie: Edmund, Oswald, Duke of France
  • Shanaya Rafaat: Regan
  • John Stahl: Earl of Gloucester, Duke of Albany, Doctor

Creative team

  • Giles Block, Globe Associate - Text
  • Bill Buckhurst, Director
  • Jonathan Fenson, Designer
  • Georgina Lamb, Choreographer
  • Glynn MacDonald, Globe Associate - Movement
  • Kevin McCurdy, Fight Director
  • Martin McKellan, Voice and Dialect
  • Nicola Pollard, Text Assistant
  • Alex Silverman, Composer
  • Kirsty Patrick Ward, Assistant Director

Production team

For the Globe Theatre:

  • Dominic Dromgoole, Artistic Director
  • Tom Bird, Executive Producer
  • Lotte Buchan, Theatre General Manager
  • Helen Hillman, Theater Finance Manager
  • Bill Barclay, Director of Music
  • Jessica Lusk, Assistant Coordinator and Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Malu Ansaldoo, International Tour Associate
  • Emily Benson, Playhouse Associate
  • Rosie Townshend, Playhouse Coordinator
  • Harry Niland, Assistant Company Manager
  • James Maloney, Music Assistant
  • Katherine Ellis, Theatre Finance Assistant
  • Sarah Murray, Theatre Assistant
  • Lottie Newth, Events Assistant
  • Andrei Manta, Film and Digital Distribution Assistant
  • David Loumgair, Music Voluntary Work Placement
  • Tamsin Palmer, Associate Producer
  • Paul Russel, Production Manager
  • Marion Marrs, Company Manager
  • Wills, Technical Manager
  • Matilda James, Casting Director
  • Chui-Yee Cheung, Film and Digital Distribution Manager
  • Karishma Balani, CAsting, Creative and Filming Associate
  • Fay Powel-Thomas, Assistant Production Manager
  • Naomi Buchanan Brooks, Cynthia Cahill and Rebecca Toland, Stage Managers
  • Laura Rushton, Costume Supervisor
  • Jessica Hughes, Tour Wardrobe Manager
  • Helena Miscioscia, Marketing and Press Officer (Touring and Events)
  • Dr. Farah Karin-Cooper, Dr. Will Tosh, Olivia Bascombe, Lucy Brown, Jennifer Edwards, Kelsey Jacobson, Lydia Mallinson, Heidi Pontet, Sarah Reimers and Brooke Thomas, Reasearch

For Folger Theatre:

  • Andrew Dorman, Lighting Designer
  • Erin Teachman, Master Electrician
  • Rachel Spears, Production Assistant
  • Amanda Kircher, Light Board Operator
  • Edwin Schiff, Wardrobe Head

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Assistant Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager
  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director
  • Katherine Pitt, Programs Assistant
  • Teresa Wood, Casting Assistant
Shakespeare's Globe King Lear.