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File:King John 005 TW web.jpg|Photo by Teresa Wood The cast of Shakespeare’s political power play King John at Folger Theatre.
File:King John 005 TW web.jpg
File:King John 2.jpeg|Photo by Teresa Wood King John (Brian Dykstra) honors Philip Faulconbridge, the Bastard (Kate Eastwood Norris). Also pictured l to r: Brian Reisman, Elan Zafir, Kate Goehring.
File:King John 3.jpeg|Photo by Teresa Wood A joyous court of France as Austria (Maboud Ebrahimzadeh) takes hands with young Arthur (Megan Graves), with King Philip (Howard W. Overshown) and Louis the Dauphin (Akeem Davis) showing their support.
File:King John 2.jpeg
File:King John 4.jpeg|Photo by Teresa Wood Hubert, King John’s personal attendant (Elan Zafir), stops Constance (Holly Twyford) from physical attack, as her son Arthur (Megan Graves) looks on.
File:King John 5.jpeg|Photo by Teresa Wood Cardinal Pandulph (Sasha Olinick, left) lends some cautionary counsel to Louis the Dauphin (Akeem Davis)
File:King John 3.jpeg
File:King John 6.jpeg|Photo by Teresa Wood A fretful King John (Brian Dykstra) upon his throne in Shakespeare’s King John.
File:King John 4.jpeg
File:King John 5.jpeg
File:King John 6.jpeg

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Folger Theatre produced King John directed by Aaron Posner from October 23rd 2018 to December 2nd 2018.

Photo by Teresa Wood The cast of Shakespeare’s political power play King John at Folger Theatre.

Secret deals. Threats of mass destruction. Shifting loyalties.

What a difference 800 years makes.

He may be king, but unlike his older brother Richard the Lionheart, John has no stirring nickname, and everyone from the Pope to his own court seems to think his crown is up for grabs. Taking his audience back to the time of the Magna Carta, Shakespeare slyly commented on the politics of his own day.


Entertainment unions represented in Folger Theatre productions include The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (**), United Scenic Artists (***), and the Actors' Equity Association (*), which includes members of the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.


  • Akeem Davis*, Louis the Dauphin
  • Brian Dykstra*, John, King of England
  • Maboud Ebrahimzadeh*, Austria & Salisbury
  • Kate Goehring*, Queen Eleanor, Lady Faulconbridge, & Bigot
  • Magan Graves, Arthur & Prince Henry
  • Alina Collins Maldonado*, Blanche of Spain
  • Kate Eastwood Norris*, Philip Faulconbridge
  • Sasha Olinick* Chatillion & Cardinal Pandulph
  • Howard W. Overshown*, Philip King of France, Melun, Peter of Pomfret
  • Brian Reisman, Robert Faulconbridge, Citizen, & English Messenger
  • Holly Twyford*, Constance & Pembroke
  • Elen Zafir*, Hubert


  • Anne Nottage, for Kate Eastwood Norris
  • Matthew Pauli, for Sasha Olinick and Elan Zafir
  • Daniel Riker, for Akeen Davis & Brian Reisman
  • Claire Schoonover, for Holl Twyford & Kate Goehring
  • Emily Sucher, for Megan Grave & Alina Collins Maldonado
  • Shpend Xani, for Maboud Ebrahimazadeh & Howard W. Overshown
  • Elan Zafir*, for Brian Dykstra

Creative Team

  • Aaron Posner**, Director
  • Andrew Cohen, Scenic Design
  • Sarah Cubbage***, Costume Design
  • Max Doolittle***, Lighting Design
  • Lindsay Jones***, Original Music and Sound Design
  • Michele Osherow, Resident Dramaturg
  • Eisneburg/Beans Casting, New York Casting
  • Teresa Woods, Folger Casting
  • Becky Reed*, Production Stage Manager
  • Jessica Short*, Assistant Stage Manager

Production Team

  • Susannah Eig & Peter Danelski, Assistant Directors
  • Casey Keleba**, Fight Choreographer
  • Kate Eastwood Norris & Holly Twyford, Creative Consultants
  • Christina Miller, Production Assistant
  • Tony Koehler, Props Master
  • Bella Faccia, Inc., Set Construction
  • Jeannette Chrisensen, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Cidney Forkpah, Wardrobe Head
  • Alex Keen, Master Electrician
  • Kristen Roth, Assistant Master Electrician
  • Brandon Roe, Sound Engineer
  • Courtney Hammond, For Eisenberg/Bean Casting Casting Assistant
  • Presleigh Renner & Savannah Schackett, Casting Interns
  • Grafik, Graphic Design & Advertising Agency
  • Emily Tartanella, Marketing Design Consultant
  • Teresa Wood, Production Photography
  • WAPAVA, Archival Video
  • APTV & Mark Fastoso, Promotional and Production Video
  • C2, Open Captioning

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Associate Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager
  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director

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