Kathleen Lynch

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute. Records before 2007 are in the process of being added to Folgerpedia.

Kathleen Lynch is the Executive Director of the Folger Institute. The list below is a partial representation of her contributions to life at the Folger.

Scholarly Programs

Co-organizer (with Brian Cummings and David Schalkwyk), Shakespeare and the Problem of Biography (Conference, 2013-2014)

Co-organizer (with Palmira Brummett and Patricia Fortini Brown, Early Modern Cities in Comparative Perspective (Conference, 2012-2013)

Co-organizer (with Owen Williams and Sarah Werner), Teaching Book History (Workshop, 2012-2013)

Co-organizer (with Lori Anne Ferrell), An Anglo-American History of the KJV (Conference, 2011-2012)

Co-organizer (with Jane Tylus and Karen Newman), Early Modern Translation: Theory, History, Practice (Conference, 2010-2011)

Co-organizer (with Paul E. J. Hammer), Reassessing Henry VIII (Workshop, 2010-2011)

Co-organizer (with Greg Walker), The Second Shepherds’ Play and Early Drama Studies (Workshop, 2007-2008)

Co-organizer (with Theodore Leinwand and Barbara Mowat), Shakespeare in American Education, 1607-1934 (Conference, 2006-2007)

Co-organizer (with Anthony Grafton and Ann Blair), Further Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2005-2006)

Co-organizer (with Anthony Grafton), Transactions of the Book (Conference, 2001-2002)

Co-organizer (with Leeds Barroll), The Impact of the Ottoman Empire on Early Modern Europe: From 1453 to the Death of Ahmed I (Conference, 2001-2002)

Organizer, Mapping the Early Modern World (Conference, 1997-1998)