Julius Caesar (Folger Theatre, 2014)

This article is about a performance of Shakespeare's play. For other uses, see Julius Caesar (disambiguation).

2014 Julius Caesar Folger.jpg

Folger Theatre performed their production of Julius Caesar from October 28 to December 7, 2014 in the Folger's Elizabethan Theatre.



  • Shirine Babb*: Portia
  • Joe Barack*: Ciina, Titinius
  • Louis Butelli*: Cassius
  • Anthony Cochrane*: Brutus
  • JaBen Early*: Metellus Cimber, Octavius Caesar
  • Mabound Ebrahimzadeh*: Casca, Messala
  • Robbie Gay: Trebonius, Lepidus
  • Maurice Jones*: Mark Anthony
  • Nafeesa Monroe*: Soothsayer
  • Michael Sharon*: Julius Caesar
  • Deirdra LaWan Starnes*: Calphurnia
  • William Vaughan: Lucius


  • Audrey Bertaux: Portia, Soothsayer
  • Joe Brack: Brutus
  • Nello DeBlasio: Julius Caesar, Cinna, Titinius
  • Andrew Ferlo: Mark Anthony, Lucius
  • Ryan Mitchell: Trebonius, Lepidus
  • Nafeesa Monroe: Calphurnia
  • William Vaughan: Metellus Cimber, Octavius Caesar
  • Ivan Zizek: Cassius, Casca, Messala

Creative team

  • Robert Richmond, Director
  • Tony Cisek*, Scenic Design
  • Mariah Hale*, Costume Design
  • Jim Hunter*, Lighting Design
  • Eric Shimelonis, Music Composition and Sound Design
  • Casey Dean Kaleba, Fight Director
  • Michele Osherow, Resident Dramaturg
  • Daryl Eisenberg, CSA, Daryl Eisenberg Casting, New York Casting
  • Che Wernsman**, Production Stage Manager
  • Elisabeth Ribar**, Assistant Stage Manager

Production team

  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director
  • Katharine Pitt, Humanities Programs Director
  • Teresa Wood, Casting Assistant
  • Amanda Forstrom, Assistant Director
  • Rachel Spears, Production Assistant
  • Nafeesa Monroe, Fight Captain
  • Pam Weiner, Props Master
  • Bella Faccia, Inc., Scenery Construction
  • Daniel Espy, Props Assistant
  • Adalia Vera Tonneyck, Costume Assistant
  • Ananda Keator, Stitcher
  • Edwin Shiff, Wardrobe Head
  • Erin Teachman, Master Electrician
  • Amanda Kircher, Light Board Operator
  • Brandon Roe, Sound Associate
  • James Kegley, Promotional Photography
  • Jeff Malet and Teresa Wood, Production Photography
  • Heather Daniels, Mark Fastoso, and APTV, Promotional Video
  • WAPAVA, Archival Video
  • C2 Inc., Open Captioning

Music Performed by Rebecca Sheir (vocals), Doug Wilson (trumpet), and Eric Shimelonis (strings, piano, and percussion)

Folger Theater

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Beth Emelson, Assistant Artistic Producer
  • David Polk, General Manager
  • Charles Flye, Theatre Production Manager
  • Rebekah Sheffer, Assistant Technical Director
  • Katherine Pitt, Programs Assistant
  • Teresa Wood, Casting Assistant