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[[Category: Public programs]]
[[Category: Public programs]]
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[[Category: Folger Consort]]
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Folger Consort performed Italian Fantasia from April 1 to April 3, 2005. With Medieval instruments and virtuoso vocalists, the Consort explored the brilliant songs and instrumental pieces of Trecento Italy, pieces that Boccaccio's young Florentines may have enjoyed. The second part of the program embraced the musical expression of the new humanism of the following century at the dawn of the Renaissance, and included 15th-century improvisatores preserved by the court musicians of Isabella d'Este in Mantua.

Folger Consort Artistic Directors Robert Eisenstein and Christopher Kendall.


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

  • Robert Eisenstein: vielle, viola da gamba
  • Christopher Kendall: lute, harp

Guest artists

  • Johana Arnold: soprano
  • Robert Mealy: vielle, violin
  • Patricia Ann Neely: vielle, viola da gamba
  • Mark Rimple: countertenor, lute