Isabella's Court: Italian Music of the High Renaissance (2008)

At the court in Mantua, Isabella d’Este was the center of a circle of humanist poets and musicians who pursued not only northern polyphony but a native Italian style based on improvised poetry and melody, text declamation and lively rhythms. This style, known as frottola, was the core of the Folger Consort's program, Isabella's Court: Italian Music of the High Renaissance, with songs and instrumental pieces by Cara, Tromboncino and the Italophile northerners Josquin, Isaac and Martini. The program included the great soprano Emily van Evera, Renaissance viols, lute and Tom Zajac’s usual amazing array of instruments. The Folger Consort preformed Isabella's Court from September 26 to September 28, 2008.


Folger Consort

Artistic Directors

  • Robert Eisenstein: viola da gamba, recorder
  • Christopher Kendall: lute

Guest artists

  • Alice Robbins: viola da gamba
  • Margriet Tindemans: viola da gamba, recorder
  • Emily Van Evera: soprano
  • Tom Zajac: recorder, flute, bagpipe, trombone