Inventories of the Townshend family

Below is a basic semi-diplomatic transcription of an inventory page from the Inventories of the Townshend family 1608-1617. This transcription was originally completed as part of the first Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO.

Transcription V.b.147, fol. 4v-5r

In the Cofer Chamber​​
Ite​m iij Large peeces of darnex & the Chamber​
hanged wi​th panted Clothe.​
Ite​m a table with a frame ij formes & ij Ioynd stowles​
Ite​m one greate standerd wi​th​ Lininge​
Ite​m ij presses for to putt Lininge in /​
In the Lobie.​​
Ite​m one livery beadstide matt & Cord a​
fether bead and boulster iij blankettes​​
A rogge greene​ of yellowy Read​ a canope of Cadows​
Ite​m a Trundell beadstid matt & Corde a fether​
bead & ij boulster iiija par​e​ of blankettesa dornex ​ & a yelow Roge​​
Ite​m a pa​llett bead & boulster for my Ladys Chamber​
a par​e of blanckettes​ & a dornex covering & the​
Lobbye hanged Round wi​th ​panted Clothe​
Ite​m ij downe pillowes​
Ite​m a Corse woole beade​
In The Dornex Chamber​​
Ite​m iij peces of dornex hanged a boughte the Chamber​
Ite​m ij greate standerdes​ bounde wi​th​ Ierne​
Ite​m one flannders Cheste bard wi​th​ Ierne​
to Kensington​ Ite​m one Iewell Cofer & one greate troucke​
Ite​m one squar​e Cheste coverd with Lether​
Ite​m one greate ouke Cheare of fugered satten​
Ite​m one greate Counter table​
Ite​m a Close stowle couerd wi​th​ Read clothe​
wi​th​ a pann & Chamber poote​​
+​Ite​m one Ioynd stowle a par​e of Awnd Iernes​
+​Ite​m a newe ierne trevett​
Ite​m a prease for my Ladys hatte & Rouffes​
Ite​m a Curtine of blewegren​ wi​th​ a Rode​
[page break]​​
In Nickholas Owles his​
​ Chamber​​
Ite​m one Livery beadstid matt & Corde​
Ite​m one fether bead & boulster and​
wolle bead a dornex covering ij par​e​
of blanckettes​​
Ite​m one Longe table wi​th​ a frame​
Ite​m ij Ioyned stowles j saye corten​
Ite​m the Chamber hanged wi​th​ pantett cloth​
In my lordes Chamber​​
Ite​m iiij peeces of Gilte Lether​
Ite​m one downe bead & boulster ij downe​
plillowes one woll bead a grene rogge &​
ij par​e of blanckettes​ matt & Corde​
Ite​m a felde beadstide wi​th​ coope Cortenes​
& vallance of grene brode clothe laste​
with greene silcke lace & fringe & viij gilte Coopes​
Ite​m a Cheare & ij stowles sutable to the sacre​
Ite​m one Lowe table wi​th​ a Cobert in it​
Ite​m a Corte Cobbertt​
Ite​m ij grene Carpettes​ of brode clothe wi​th​ fringe​
+​Ite​mone owke Cheare of satten imbrodierd​
Ite​m a par​e of Awnd Ierne fier shouell & tonges​​
+​Ite​m a grene windowe Corten of brode clothe​
In The inwarde Chamber to my​​
Lordes Chamber​​
Ite​m a spanish beadstid matte and Corde​
Ite​m a fether beade & boulster​
Ite​m a Rogge & a pare of blanckettes
​​ Ite​m a table wi​th​ a frame & a Ioyned Stowles​
Ite​m a Close stowle & pann & Chamber poot​
Ite​m the Chamber hanged wi​th​ panted clothe​