Importing and exporting catalog records

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This page contains instructions on moving catalog records between Connexion, Voyager, and/or MarcEdit. Before importing or exporting any records, make sure all your settings are properly configured in both Connexion and Voyager.

File formats

  • Voyager can export to .bib files, and import from .dat files.
  • Connexion can export to or import from .dat or .bib files.
  • MarcEdit can export to or import from .dat or .bib files. It can also transform them to or from .mrk or .mrc files.

Exporting from Voyager

  • Open the record you want to export in Voyager's Cataloging module.
  • Save the record (File > Save As, or Ctrl+A) into a .bib file. Do not use the Save shortcut button (an image of a blue floppy disk).
    • You can save multiple records into a .bib file.

Exporting from Connexion

  • Open the record you want to export.
  • Export the record via the shortcut button (an image of an E with a green arrow pointing to the right), F5, or Action > Export. This will save the record in your default .dat file.
    • You can save multiple records into a .dat file.

Importing into Voyager

  • In the Cataloging module, navigate to Record > Import > From new file. This will open the Select Import File dialog box.
  • Select the .dat file you want to import, and click Open. Voyager should then show you a list of all records in the .dat file; select the records you want to import (they will be highlighted in blue), and click OK.
  • Review the record(s) imported, then save to the Voyager database by Record > Save to Database, Ctrl+B, or clicking the Save to DB shortcut button ("Boat it!").

Importing into Connexion

  • Navigate to File > Import Records. This will open the Import Records dialog box.
  • Select the .dat or .bib file you want to import, and the save file you want to import it to (probably your local save file). Click OK.
  • Connexion will import your record(s), confirm how many were imported successfully, and offer you the option to delete your original import file. Select Yes or No, close the Import Results report, and open the save file you selected above.

Detailed workflow: Finalizing record in connexion, exporting and importing record into Voyager

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These instructions were migrated from the Sh.Col. project wiki.


  • Validate (Shift + F5), and correct any issues -- if ‡5 DFo statement does not validate, delete ‡5 DFo
  • Action/Replace & Update
    • Note: if it is a NEW Master Record, go to Action/Holdings/Produce and Update
  • Search using keywords/date, not OCLC number, to retrieve Master
  • Export (F5) Master to .dat file
  • Delete any copy-specific headings or notes (‡5 DFo) in Master
  • Replace and Update records (Alt + F10) when any changes are made

Importing Record into Voyager

  • Go to Record/Import/From new file (Alt+R,P,N) [Note: if the file is already open, it will be (Alt+R, P, V)]
  • Open original Hamnet record (if one exists)
    • If there are multiple/duplicate records for the same edition of the item in Hamnet (ie., one record for Sh.Col., one record for Cage, one record for Promptbook), the cataloger will need to:
    • create 852 fields/holdings/items for all copies in the edited (new) bib. record (this is unnecessary to include in the OCLC record)
  • Copy new 035 field (ex: ‡a (OCoLC) ocm04926471) and paste into old record to overlay it; save to DB and close (Crtl+Q)old record
  • On System tab, check OK to Export for new record
  • Save to DB (Crtl+B), click continue button, look for statement that overlay was successful

Holdings and Item Records

  • Select Get Holdings for copy 1 (Alt+R,H)
  • Copy/paste the 852 field into holdings record, delete old 852 and any other fields present
  • Enter field 866 for records covering multi-volume sets
  • Select Get Items for copy 1, amend if necessary with volume-specific info (one Item per volume needs to be created), save to DB
    • Perm. Loc.: Deck C-Rare Stacks ; Item Type: Rare Book
  • Repeat for further copies, selecting New Holdings (Alt+R, E) /New Items (Alt+R, M) ; save to DB
  • Go to Hamnet to review updated record