Hamlet (Folger Theatre, 1999)

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Folger Theatre produced William Shakespeare's Hamlet, directed by Joe Banno, from October 30 to December 5, 1999.

Steve Carpenter (Hamlet's Tongue), John Emmert (Ghost), Lucy Newman-Williams (Gertrude), Holly Twyford (Hamlet), Hamlet. Folger Theatre, 1999. Directed by Joe Banno. Photo by Ken Cobb.

The Production

Entertainment unions represented in Folger Theatre productions include the Actors' Equity Association (*), which includes members of the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers. Equity Membership Candidates are identified with (**).


  • Holly Twyford*: Hamlet
  • Steve Carpenter*: Hamlet
  • Cam Magee*: Hamlet
  • Kate Norris *: Hamlet
  • Lucy Newman-Williams*: Queen Gertrude
  • Rick Foucheux*: King Claudius
  • Sarah Ripard*: Ophelia
  • Howard W. Overshown*: Laertes
  • Frederick Strother*: Polonius
  • Chuck Young: Reynaldo
  • Bill Largess*: Horatio
  • Edward Baird Wilford: Rosencrantz
  • Colleen Delany: Guildenstern
  • Eric Sutton**: Osric, The Captain
  • Brad Waller*: Marcellus, Gravedigger
  • Chuck Young: The Player King, The Priest
  • John Emmert: The Ghost

Creative team

  • William Shakespeare, Playwright
  • Joe Banno, Director
  • Tony Cisek, Scenic Design
  • Dan Covey, Lighting Design
  • Justine Scherer, Costume Design
  • Scott Burgess, Original Music and Sound Design
  • Elsie Jones, Properties Design
  • Lofty Durham, Assistant Director
  • Janet M. Clark, Production Manager
  • Cynthia Clark*, Stage Manager
  • Cam Magee, Dramaturg
  • Brette Goldstein, Casting Director

Production team

  • Janet M. Clark, Production Manager
  • Jason Kaiser, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Dan Schrader, Technical Director
  • Mike Daniels, Master Electrician
  • Walter Berry, Set Construction
  • Ron Figura, Wardrobe
  • Amy Bull, Production Assistant
  • Lisa Finney, Light Board Operator
  • Matt Nielson, Sound Board Operator
  • Bill Fecke, House Management
  • David Peters, House Management
  • Bill Fecke, Volunteer Management

Folger Theatre

  • Janet Alexander Griffin, Artistic Producer
  • Janet Clark, Theatre Production Manager

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