Genre and form

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Genre/form terms in catalog records describe what an item is (or contains), not what it is about. Genre corresponds roughly to the content of what is being described: for example, almanacs, depositions, plays, and poems. Form corresponds with formats and physical characteristics: for example, embroidered bindings, imposition errors, manicules, and sammelbands. This Hamnet record for two copies of a 1635 edition of Sternhold and Hopkins Whole booke of Psalmes includes the genre term Psalters and the form term Embroidered bindings (Binding). Genre/form terms are controlled by authorized forms.

Brief history of genre/form in library catalog records

  • LCSH
  • Definition of |v
  • RBMS and other controlled vocabularies
  • Development of LCGFT

History of genre and form use at the Folger

List of common genre and form terms in Hamnet