Free Folger Friday: My Fool, My Purse (2017)

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Louis Butelli and Ian Merill Peakes

Free Folger Friday: "My Fool, My Purse": Talking Timon and Iago, one of the Talks and Screenings at the Folger, was held in the Folger Theatre on Friday, May 19, 2017 at 6:00pm.

In 1983, scholar A.D. Nuttall referred to Timon of Athens as “Iago-like.” Both characters have been described as misanthropic, but how deep does the comparison run? In this discussion, veteran actors from the Folger Theatre production of Timon of Athens, Ian Merrill Peakes (Timon) and Louis Butelli (Ventidius) explore the relationship between Iago from Othello and Timon from Timon of Athens.