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In general, follow the Folgerpedia:Manual of Style when writing articles about cataloging topics.

Article titles, headings, and sections

  • Name articles without particular reference to cataloging. For example: Things in books, not "Cataloging sammelbands." This allows for an article to bring together all information about a topic, of which cataloging policy is one. If an article is too lengthy, cataloging policy can be separated into a subpage.
  • If an article is limited to cataloging policy, summarize the general policy in the lead section if feasible. Example:
  • Formulate article names about MARC fields in this way:
MARC [tag] [name of field from the MARC format]
  • Begin lead section with these or similar words:
 MARC field XXX in the bibliographic format contains <...> 
MARC field 856 in the bibliographic and holdings format contains information <...> 


  • Resist the temptation to put instructions in a syndetic structure. Aim for only two or three levels of hierarchy. Even if the lead section is not specific to cataloging, do not create a level for "Cataloging instructions."

Articles on MARC fields

  • These articles integrate policy and instructions on content and mark-up; we are using the MARC field as a shortcut for the corresponding AACR2 and RDA elements.
  • Elements of articles on MARC fields usually include:
    • a section on "Policy and formulation," or as two separate sections if content is extensive
    • a section on "Common tagging" containing the most commonly used indicators and subfields
    • Folger policy statements, style, and interpretations of cataloging instructions, not cataloging training itself

Advisory statements

  • Advisory statements come first on a page, preceding the lead section.
  • While a new article from scratch or one combining information from several sources is in process, add {{Draft}}. Remove it when the article substantially stands alone; that is, do not keep a draft advisory statement just because you want to add more stuff later
  • When copying and pasting from Bard pages or other sources and there's uncertainty about whether the instructions are current and authoritative, add {{Legacy}}.
  • When copying and pasting from Bard pages or other sources and it's known that some of the content is obsolete, add {{Outdated}}.


  • If none of the content of an existing Bard page is relevant (for example, pages made specifically for projects that have ended), do not migrate.

External links

  • Add "External links" as the final section of an article.
  • Add a link to the [| MARC field] for all MARC-based articles
  • Other external links may be added if particularly helpful, such as LC or OCLC

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