Folgerpedia:Manual of Style

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In general, follow Wikipedia's Manual of Style when creating articles. Instructions are also being added here as things come up.

Article titles, headings, and sections

When deciding on a name for an article, follow the general Wikipedia principles. Key points include:

  • "A title should be recognizable (as a name or description of the topic), natural, sufficiently precise, concise, and consistent with the titles of related articles."
  • Use sentence case for article titles and headings, not title case (unless the heading is, itself, the title of something, e.g. "Manual of Style", or begins with a word that always starts lower-case, e.g., "eBay", etc.).
  • Omit initial articles (e.g., "Playbill collection", not "The playbill collection"), unless by convention it is an inseparable part of a name (e.g., The Hague) or it is part of the title of a work (e.g., The Beauties of Shakespeare).
  • Titles should normally be nouns or noun phrases: "Shakespeare's era", not "In Shakespeare's era". Using phrases beginning "In..." is okay for section headings, though.

Begin each article with a sentence or two summarizing the topic (the "Lead section")

Use level 2 headings for subsections within the article (having four or more level 2 headings automatically creates a table of contents)


When including links to other articles or websites, only link the first occurrence of that topic in your article.

Use internal links for content within the Folger's wiki space (i.e., in Bard2, Folgerpedia, or the Insites wiki farm) so that the globe icon doesn't display.

Specialized styles

Topics with specialized styles include: