Folgerpedia:Manual of Style

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In general, follow Wikipedia's Manual of Style when creating articles. Here are some guidelines:

  • Remember that your article is about the named topic as it relates to the Folger and the Folger collection
  • Use sentence case for article titles and headings (unless the heading or article title is, itself, the title of something, e.g. "Manual of Style")
  • Begin each article with a sentence or two summarizing the topic (the "Lead section")
  • Use level 2 headings for subsections within the article (having four or more level 2 headings automatically creates a table of contents)
  • When including links to other articles or websites, only link the first occurrence of that topic in your article
  • Create articles rather than uploading existing documents (unless there's a reason to keep the original formatting, e.g. a form that needs to be filled in by hand)