Folger updates to CELM

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This page is intended to record updates needed to the CELM entries for Folger manuscripts. They are listed in Folger call number order.

  • V.a.220: CELM list of contents is incomplete; CELM reference to MS Add. 650 is actually V.b.355.
  • Pirie Sale items: all of the manuscripts acquired in the December 2015 Robert S Pirie collection and auction need to be added to CELM:
    • Folger "V.b." series:
      • V.b.659: Autograph letter signed from Sir William Killigrew to Sir Robert Howard [manuscript], 1672 February 18.
      • V.b.382: Letterbook of Sir Francis Walsingham from his embassy to France [manuscript], 1570 August to 1573 April.
      • V.b.383: Ephemeris chirographorum quorum dam memorabiliam succincta [manuscript], 1642. NOTE: Currently recorded in CELM EsR 85.
      • V.b.384 (1): Autograph letter signed from James, Duke of York, to Horatio, Lord Townshend, Vice Admiral of the County of Norfolk [manuscript], 1667 December 3.
      • V.b.384 (2): Autograph letter signed from Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon, to Lord Townshend [manuscript], 1661 September 10.
      • V.b.385: Autograph letter signed from Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham, to Dr. Julius Caesar, Judge of the Admiralty [manuscript], 1602 January 31.
      • V.b.386: Autograph letter signed from William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, to an unnamed Dutchman [manuscript], 1657 August 2.
      • V.b.387: Letter signed from Marie de’Medici, Brussels, to Henry, 1st Earl of Holland [manuscript], 1638 July 3.
      • V.b.388: Autograph letter signed from Sir Robert Howard to Thomas Clifford [manuscript], 1668 July 26.
      • V.b.389: Autograph letter signed from Baron Herbert of Castle Island to Charles I [manuscript], 1626 May 8.
      • V.b.390: Autograph letter signed from William Dugdale to Guybon Goddard [manuscript], 1657 June 17.
      • V.b.391: Autograph letter signed from Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to Prince Maurice of Nassau [manuscript], 1594 Sept 19.
      • V.b.392: Autograph letter signed from William Cecil, Baron Burghley, to Robert Devereux, Earl of Leicester [manuscript], 1597 21 May.
      • V.b.393: Autograph manuscript poem beginning "The Third which doth my painefull life sustaine" [manuscript], 1630s.
      • V.b.394: Manuscript copy of The World’s a bubble [manuscript], ca. 1620s or 1630s. NOTE: Currently recorded in CELM BaF 49.5.
      • V.b.395: Autograph letter signed from Abraham Cowley to an unnamed English lord then resident in Poland [manuscript], 1650 September 3. NOTE: Currently recorded in CELM CoA 227.
    • Folger "V.a." Series:
      • V.a.654: The VIth Booke of Vergills Eneads [manuscript], 1604. NOTE: Currently recorded in CELM HrJ 18.
      • V.a.655: Scribal copy of Thomas Heywood’s translation of Ovid’s De arte amandi, or, The art of love [manuscript], 17th century. NOTE: Currently recorded in CELM HyT 3.8.
      • V.a.656: Beati pacifici. A Divine poem, written to the Kings most excellent majesty [manuscript], 1622.
      • V.a.657: Scribal copy of A pithie exhortation to Her Maiestie for establishing her successor to the crowne [manuscript], 1590s?
      • V.a.660: Autograph letter signed from Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, to Charles I [manuscript], 1636 June 15/25.
      • V.a.661: Autograph letter signed from Lodowick Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox, to Sir Edward Herbert as Ambassador to France [manuscript], 1623 October 3.
      • V.a.662: Autograph letter signed from Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, to Robert, Lord Spencer [manuscript], 1624.
      • V.a.663: Autograph letter signed from Peter Killigrew to his sister [manuscript], 1676 March 14.
      • V.a.664: Autograph letter signed from Andrew Marvell to Sir Henry Thompson [manuscript], 1675 June 26.
    • Other Folger MS series:
      • X.c.205: Autograph letter signed from William Camden, Chesilhurst, to Sir Michael Stanhope [manuscript], 7 August [1614?].
      • (call number not yet assigned): Order to pay Roger Aston for delivery to the King for the expenses of his journey to England. Whitehall [manuscript], 31 March 1603.
      • (call number not yet assigned): Autograph letter signed from Sir Thomas Browne, Norwich, to Sir William Dugdale [manuscript], 11 December 1658. With autograph notes on draining land in Holstein.
      • V.a.658: A Justificacion of Queene Elizabeth in relacion to the affaire of Mary Queene of Scottes [manuscript], [ca. 1587].