Folger file citations

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The Folger has a number of different files containing information about collection material. This article designates how these files are to be cited in catalog records (and, eventually, elsewhere).

Catalog records

When citing the source for information in the bibliographic record that comes from information held at the Folger, catalogers have in many instances extrapolated from the normal usage for NACO records and cited "DFo files" or "Folger files." More specificity is needed, however, in order to retrieve that information. Use the following location names when citing in bibliographic or authority records:

  • Case file (the files and file boxes in the Deck A lockup, arranged by case number)
  • Case list (the lists of what was in each case, the date it was unpacked, and where the item went when unpacked (e.g. book vault, prints, manuscripts). They're in the top left drawer of the filing cabinets in the Deck A lockup, and sometimes provide useful information about what the Folgers thought the item was)
  • Curatorial file (the curatorial files in each curator's office, arranged by shelfmark)
  • First folio worksheet file
  • Folger card catalog (to include the official, public, and shelflist cards)
  • Mrs. Folger's cards (file of oversize cards in the Deck A lock-up, many hand-written)
  • STC worksheet file Do not refer to this file in catalog records. Instead, remove the correspondence, etc. from the worksheet file and give to the Curator of Early Modern Books & Prints for the curatorial file.