Folger Institute 2023-2024 short-term fellows

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2023-2024 Short-term Scholarly Research Fellows


Claire Bourne
Accidental Shakespeare

Lauren Beck
Discovering Spain: Non-European Perceptions and Experiences of Spain‚ 1492-1800

Elena Brizio
The legal justification of 'maternal love' from the Renaissance to today

Maria Cannon
Blending the Family: Affection‚ Obligation and Dynasty in Early Modern English Stepfamilies

Jean Christensen
Bodies of the Crown: Kinship‚ Health‚ and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture

Douglas Clark
The Forgotten Manuscript Poetry of Early Modern England

Andrés Gattinoni
The English Malady Abroad: Emotions and Translations of Melancholy in Continental Europe in the Long 18th Century (1660-1800)

Cora James
Training and Trading: Professional Networks and Stage Families‚ 1680-1800

Anna Jamieson
Unlocking the Feminization of Madness: Ophelia's Representations and Reception‚ 1770-1840

Charmian Mansell
People on the Move in Early Modern England

Emma Marshall
Social Dynamics and the Management of Sickness and Healthcare in Elite English Families‚ c.1620-1750

Carol Mejia LaPerle
Ill-will: Race and Volition in William Shakespeare

Kathleen Miller
England's Plague and New England's Pox: Literary Transactions of Contagious Disease in the Atlantic World‚ 1550 to 1850

Anita Raychawdhuri
Talking Dirty: Queer Performance‚ Racialized Spectacle‚ and Empire in Early Modern English Drama

Mark Rosen
The View from Above: Bird's-Eye Views and Spectacular Seeing in the Early Modern World

Abigail Shinn
The Architecture of Conversion and the Early Modern Stage c. 1592-1613


Kasie Alt
Staging the Landscape

Betul Basaran
Cross-Cultural Intimacy and Mixed Marriages in the Ottoman Empire (early modern era)

Corinne Bayerl
The Stage on Trial: Transnational Opposition Against the Theatre in 17th-Century Europe

Renee Bricker
The Queen and Pungent Times: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Smell

Vanessa Corredera
Staging Liberation: Strategies of Anti-Domination in Shakespearean Performance

Zachary Dorner
Caring for the Precariat: State Responsibility in an Age of Uncertainty

Nora Epstein
“Gathered Fragments and Broken Sentences": Exploring the Hybridity of Thomas Trevelyon's Visual Commonplace Books

Philip Goldfarb Styrt
Imperial Concerns: Early Modern Drama and the Flaws of Empire

Trina Hyun
Media Theologies‚ 1615-1668

Annette Joseph-Gabriel
Enslaved Childhoods: Survival and Storytelling in the Atlantic World

Elizabeth Kolkovich
Remaking Shakespeare's Masques

Dianne Mitchell
Entangled Things: Lyric Form and Material Culture in Early Modern England

William Morgan
A Different Kind of Servitude: Cuban Tobacco in the Age of Atlantic Slavery

Sean O'Neil
The Art of Signs: Symbolic Notation and Visual Thinking in Early Modern Europe