Folger Institute 2019-2020 long-term fellows

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Clarissa Chenovick, Assistant Professor of English, Florida Atlantic University Reading to Weep: Penitence, Embodied Reading, and Spiritual Cure in England, 1350-1670 Folger Mellon Fellow

John Kuhn, Assistant Professor of English, Binghamton University Making Pagans: Stagecraft and Comparative Religion in Early Modern England Folger Mellon Fellow

Kathleen Long, Professor of French, Cornell University Curing the Violence of Normative Thinking in the Island of Hermaphrodites Folger Mellon Mowat Fellow

Anna More, Professora Adjunta of Literary Theory and Literature, Universidade de Brasília Necroeconomics and the Early Iberian Slave Trade: Death, Value and the Archive Folger Mellon Fellow

Seth Williams, Assistant Professor of Dance, Barnard College Virtual Motion: Dance and Mobility in Early Modern England Folger Mellon Fellow