Folger Institute 2018-2019 long-term fellows

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Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2018–2019.

Patricia Akhimie, Associate Professor of English, Rutgers University-Newark

Leaving Home: Early Modern Women’s Travel

Liza Blake, Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto & Assistant Professor of English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga

Choose Your Own Poems and Fancies: An Interactive Digital Edition of Margaret Cavendish's Atom Poems

Heidi Craig, Ph.D.

A Play without a Stage: English Renaissance Drama, 1642-1660

Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture History and Theory, University of Pennsylvania

Georgic Grounds and Gardens: From Palladio's Villas to American Plantations

Douglas M. Lanier, Professor of English, University of New Hampshire

Reparative Shakespeare

Simon Newman, Sir Denis Brogan Professor of American History, University of Glasgow

Runaways: resisting slavery in the British Atlantic World

Isaac Stephens, Assistant Professor of History, University of Mississippi

Suffering Ejection: Martyr Speak and Popular Politics in London, 1640-1662