Folger Institute 2016-2017 long-term fellows

Fellows in residence at the Folger Institute for 2016–2017.

(Philip A. Knachel Fellow) Derek Dunne, Lecturer, University of Fribourg

Rogues’ Licence: The Counterfeiting of Authority in Early Modern Literature

(Matilda D. Mascioli Fellow) Jessica Goethals, Lecturer, Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies, University of New Hampshire

Margherita Costa and the Audacity of Italian Literature and Spectacle

(Mowat Mellon Research Fellow) Megan Heffernan, Assistant Professor of English, DePaul University

Willing Minds: Gathered Writing, Material Epistemology, and the Early Modern Poetic Imagination

(NEH Fellow) Carmen Nocentelli, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature, University of New Mexico

Black Legends and the Invention of Europe

(ACLS Burkhardt Fellow) Joseph Ortiz, Associate Professor of English, University of Texas at El Paso

Against Translation: The Form of Renaissance Epic

(NEH Fellow) Debapriya Sarkar, Assistant Professor of English, Hendrix College

Possible Knowledge: Forms of Literary and Scientific Thought in Early Modern England