Exhibitions at the Folger

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Current exhibitions

A Monument to Shakespeare: The Architecture of the Folger Shakespeare Library (April 13, 2019 – January 5, 2020)

Current traveling exhibitions

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Upcoming exhibitions

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Permanent displays

Satellite exhibition spaces

Past traveling exhibitions

Past exhibitions




  • Sword and the Pen (1995)
  • Collectors’ Choice: Favorites from Collections of Friends of the Folger Library (1994–1995)
  • Royal Autographs: the Tudor and Stuart Monarchs of England (1994)
  • Roasting the Swan of Avon: Shakespeare's Redoubtable Enemies & Dubious Friends (1994)
  • Unfaded Pageant: Edwin Austin Abbey (Loan Exhibition) (1994)
  • Paintings from the Folger Shakespeare Library (1993–1994)
  • Fabulous Beasts: Renaissance Animal Lore (1993)
  • The Elizabethan View of Italy (1993)
    • The exhibition catalog was written by Miranda Johnson-Haddad with Mary Tonkinson, Werner Gundersheimer, and Robert Eisenstein.
  • New World of Wonders, 1492-1700 (1992–1993)
    • The exhibition catalog was edited by Rachel Doggett with Monique Hulvey, and Julie Ainsworth.
  • Fine and Historic Bookbindings (1992)
    • The exhibition catalog was created by Frederick A. Bearman, Nati H. Krivatsy, J. Franklin Mowery with an introduction by Anthony Hobson. Photographs by Julie Ainsworth.
  • Reign of the Horse: the Horse in Print, 1500-1715 (1992)
    • The exhibitions catalog was prepared by Elizabeth Niemyer with the assistance of Susan Scola with an introduction to the catalogue by Anthony Dent.
  • The First Folio of Shakespeare (1991)
  • Cathedral: Faith in Stone (1990)
  • Rosenbach Redux: Further Book Adventures in Book Collecting (1990)


  • Shakespeare: The Works (1989)
  • The Grete Herball: Books from the Collection of Mary P. Massey (1988–1989)
  • The Elizabethan Theater: the Theater Art of C. Walter Hodges (1988)
  • Folger’s choice : Favorites on our Fifty-fifth Anniversary (1987)
  • Vision Into Verse: Marianne Moore and the Modernist Poem (1987–1988)
  • Time: The Greatest Innovator: Timekeeping and Time Consciousness in Early Modern Europe (1986–1987)
    • The exhibition catalog was edited by Rachel Doggett with the assistance of Susan Jaskot and Robert Rand.
  • The Compleat Gentleman: Books from English Country Houses (1985–1986)
  • Emily Dickinson Centennial Symposium and Exhibition (1986)
  • The Collector and the Dream (1982–1983) "in at least 3 parts"
  • The Treatment of Books and Art Materials (1983)
  • Magna Carta (1982)
  • Shakespeare, the Globe, and the World (1979–1981)
    • No formal exhibition catalog was produced, but there is an accompanying book by Samuel Schoenbaum and a magazine article by Michael Bandler.
    • This exhibition traveled during the period in which renovations were being carried out on the Folger buildings on Capitol Hill, and so was never displayed at the Folger Shakespeare Library itself.

Earlier Exhibitions

  • "Petrarch in America : a survey of Petrarchan manuscript" (1974)
    • At the Folger Shakespeare Library, April 6-May 5, and the Pierpont Morgan Library, May 16-June 27.
    • The exhibition catalog

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