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=== Critical Editions ===
=== Critical Editions ===

* "[http://pulterproject.northwestern.edu/poems/ee/upon-the-crown-imperial/ Upon the Crown Imperial" (Poem 53)], The Pulter Project
* "[http://pulterproject.northwestern.edu/poems/ee/upon-the-crown-imperial/ Upon the Crown Imperial" (Poem 53)], ''The Pulter Project''
* "[http://pulterproject.northwestern.edu/poems/ee/upon-the-crown-imperial/#the-crown-imperial-in-the-early-modern-english-imagination The Crown Imperial in the Early Modern English Imagination]", ''The Pulter Project''
* "[http://pulterproject.northwestern.edu/poems/ee/upon-the-crown-imperial/#tears-and-ink Tears and Ink]", ''The Pulter Project''


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Elisa Tersigni is the CLIR Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto. She holds a PhD in English and Book History & Print Culture from the University of Toronto. She was the Digital Research Fellow for Before 'Farm to Table': Early Modern Foodways and Cultures from 2018–2011, during which time she was project manager for the development of the corpus of manuscript recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library.


  • Pantzer New Scholar Award, Bibliographical Society of America (2020)

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