Early Modern English Paleography (skills course)

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For more past programming from the Folger Institute, please see the article Folger Institute scholarly programs archive.

This was a fall 2007 semester skills course.

This skills course was designed to provide an introduction to English handwriting of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and to introduce participants to a wide range of documents of historical and literary interest from the manuscript collections of the Folger Shakespeare Library. These included correspondence, literary works, accounts, inventories, wills, and deeds. Applicants should describe the manuscript resources they are consulting in their own research as participants had an opportunity to discuss with the class the textual problems they encountered in their work with Renaissance English manuscripts.

Director: Heather Wolfe is Folger Curator of Manuscripts. She has written numerous articles on manuscript studies and has most recently edited The Literary Career and Legacy of Elizabeth Cary, 1613–1680 (2006) and The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608: A Facsimile Edition of Folger Shakespeare Library MS V.b.232 (forthcoming 2007).