EMDA2017 Visiting Faculty

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During EMDA 2017, the scholars listed below will present their views and demonstrate practical applications of tools and digital humanities approaches:

Mark Algee-Hewitt, Assistant Professor of English, Stanford University
Ruth Ahnert, Lecturer in Renaissance Studies, Queen Mary University of London
Sebastian Ahnert, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Cambridge
Anupam Basu, Assistant Professor of English, Washington University in St. Louis
Jean Bauer, Associate Director of The Center for Digital Humanities, Princeton University
Bill Bowen, Chair of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Toronto Scarborough
Mattie Burkert, Assistant Professor of English, Utah State University
Nicole Coleman, Academic Technology Specialist at the Humanities Center, Stanford University
Marie-Louise Coolahan, Professor of English, National University of Ireland-Galway
Dan Edelstein, Professor of French and Italian, Stanford University
Blaine Greteman, Associate Professor of English, University of Iowa
Ryan Heuser, PhD Student of English, Stanford University
Jonathan Hope, Professor of English, University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Howard Hotson, Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, St. Anne's College, Oxford University
Ellen MacKay, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University
Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media and Culture (IDHMC), Texas A&M University
Isabel Meirelles, Professor of Design, OCAD University, Toronto
Jessica Otis, Early Modern Data Curation Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Powell, Marie Skłowdowska-Curie Fellow, King’s College London
Maximilian Schich, Associate Professor of Arts and Technology, University of Texas-Dallas
Daniel Shore, Associate Professor of English, Georgetown University
Scott Weingart, Digital Humanities Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University
Christopher Warren, Associate Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon University
Claude Willan, Postdoctoral Researcher at The Center for Digital Humanities, Princeton University
Michael Witmore, Director, Folger Shakespeare Library