Digitizing the Stage 2017 (conference)

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Digitizing the Stage: Rethinking the Early Modern Theatre Archive was a conference held in Oxford, UK, from July 10-12, 2017. The conference was co-sponsored by the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the Bodleian Libraries, and Professor Tiffany Stern. The conference sought to hear from early modernists engaging their subject through digital means, as well as to invite approaches from other disciplines, genres, and time periods which could prompt new thinking about the ways we preserve, describe, research, and teach the early modern stage. Projects represented included the Rose Revealed project, Digital Blackfriars, the AusStage database, the NUI-Galway and Abbey Theatre Digital Archive, the Early Modern English Drama project, the Database of Early Modern Extracts (DEx), the Collection of Theatre Architecture, the Reception & Circulation of Early Modern Women Writers project (RECIRC).

The full conference website can be found here.