Digital images

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The Folger offers access to tens of thousands of high resolution images of material in the collection, including books, theater memorabilia, manuscripts, art, and bindings. In addition, images taken by staff and readers for research purposes can be shared in Flickr. Other digital images are considered part of the collection themselves.

LUNA image database

High-resolution digital images are made available through LUNA software, and are divided into two collections: the Digital image collection and the Bindings image collection. Both can be searched at, but note that the default search excludes the Bindings image collection. Please check our article New in LUNA to see our recently uploaded images, added frequently.


Staff and readers can share photos they take of collection materials in the Flickr group Folger Collection by Folger Readers. See the Collation post Folger Tooltips: Introducing “Folger Collection, by Folger Readers” for additional information.

The Folger Institute shares images of academic seminars, conferences, fellowships, and other scholarly activities in the Folger Institute photostream

The Communications department shares images of events, collection items, downloadable inspirational posters, and more, in the Folger Shakespeare Library photostream.

Web archives

Digital images that are, themselves, part of the collection can be found through the Folger's collection of of archived websites, an Archive-It service. See Web archiving for more information.

Picturing Shakespeare

A sub-set of images from the main LUNA image database can be found in a CONTENTdm interface at Picturing Shakespeare. Development of this collection is ongoing, and it has not yet been publicized. Many Hamnet records for unbound pictures in the Art collection link to the Picturing Shakespeare image collection. Others link to both Picturing Shakespeare and LUNA versions of the image.