Derek Dunne

This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

Long-term fellowship

"Rogues’ Licence: The Counterfeiting of Authority in Early Modern Literature" (Philip A. Knachel Fellowship, Folger Institute 2016–2017 long-term fellows)

The book identifies three broad themes that distinguish interpretations of local cultures and Shakespeare in modern Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore from their counterparts in other parts of the world: they are leading to a more equitable globalization in artistic terms, they serve as a forum where artists and audiences can grapple with contemporary issues, and through international tour activities they are reshaping debates about the relationships between the East and the West. Asian interpretations of Shakespeare matter to Western readers because of their impact on American and European performance cultures, as exemplified by the worldwide recognition of the works of Ong Keng Sen, Akira Kurosawa, and their peers. The history of East Asian Shakespeares as a body of works—as opposed to random stories about cross-cultural encounter—allows us to better understand the processes of localizing artistic ideas through transnational collaboration.

Short-term fellowship

“Vindictive Justice‚ Participatory Revenge” (2014–2015)