Deleting or suppressing records in Voyager

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Hamnet records are only deleted in Voyager if they are accidental duplicates or were otherwise created in error. Even then, they are only deleted from the active database, so can still be retrieved from the server through the "deleted records" logs. Staff members have different levels of authorization for deleting records, but most people who edit in Voyager are able to delete item and holdings records. Few are authorized to delete bibliographic records.


Holdings records cannot be deleted if there are item records attached; bibliographic records cannot be deleted if there are holdings records or acquisitions purchase order (PO) line items attached. Catalogers cannot delete PO line items, but can link them to a different bib record.

  • Delete the item record(s) (alt-r, d or Record > Delete)
  • Delete the holdings record(s) (alt-r, d or Record > Delete).
    • If you cannot delete a holdings record because you are not authorized, mark the holding for suppression ( alt-s, alt-p, or select the fixed fields System tab and check "Suppress from OPAC), delete the call number and replace with the word "[SUPPRESSED]" and save to database
    • If you cannot delete a holdings record because it is linked to a PO line item, move the PO line item to the correct bib record following the "Changing bibliographic record links on approved line items" instructions on page 6-40 of the Acquisitions User's Guide:
      • Open the line item (Ctrl-m or Record > View line items in Acquisitions)
      • Click the "Change Bib Record" button
      • Search for and select the bib record you want to link to
      • Click the ellipses button in the "New Holdings" column
      • Click "Re-Link"
      • Click "Save"
      • Click "OK"
  • Note: A completed PO line item can't be linked to additional bib records (just moved). If one bib is replaced by multiple new bibs (e.g., a serial record replaced with records for individual articles), contact Acquisitions; they will make an identical PO line item to be linked to the additional record(s).
  • Suppress the bibliographic record
    • Create a 590 field, placing it before the other 5xx fields, with this message: DELETE IN FAVOR OF < bib id number for the record that is being kept > < your initials> < date yyyymmdd>. On the rare occasions when the bibliographic record is meant to be suppressed instead of deleted, use the phrase "SUPPRESSED IN FAVOR OF" in the note.
    • Mark record for suppression (alt-s, alt-p, or select the fixed fields System tab and check "Suppress from OPAC) and save to database
    • Add the bib id of the deleted record to the 035 of the record to be kept, preceded with "(Voyager)"--no space. E.g.: 035 ‡a 125951 ‡z (Voyager)125955 and save to database
    • Send an email or give a print-out to the Head of Collection Information Services with bib id of suppressed record for deletion