Curatorial files

Curatorial files exist for certain vault items in the collection. Some are very sparse. Others include such things as offprints of articles about the item, press clippings, conservation treatment reports, curator's research notes, etc. Material directly related to the acquisition of the item is kept elsewhere (in the Acquisitions files or Case files).

Adding items to curatorial files

  • For material found by catalogers, determine that material from a collection item needs to be removed, following the Things in books policy, or guidance from a curator or conservator.
  • Check the curatorial file cabinets for an existing folder with the item's call number. Each call number should have a distinct folder.
    • Older curatorial files may be stored with multiple call numbers in the same folder; these will be sorted into separate folders in the future. Consult the Curatorial Assistant if you encounter this situation while trying to house items.
  • If there is already a folder with the call number, add the new material to it, separated by a sheet of acid-free paper. If there is not an extant folder, create a new one. Write the call number in pencil on the tab of an acid-free folder, insert the material(s), and add the folder to the curatorial filing cabinets, following call number order.
    • Add a note to the item's catalog record.
852 ‡z Transcription of letter removed to curatorial file 20150804 

Noting pre-existing curatorial files

When a curatorial file exists but no mention of it is made in the catalog record, add a ‡z (or an additional ‡z) to the existing MARC 852 field in the appropriate holdings record and to the associated 852 in the Bibliographic record.

 852 8_ ‡b DeckB-STC ‡h STC 23434.5 ‡j cs6200 ‡z Unbound; uncut. Blank at end torn. A few MS. corrections to text. Provenance: inscribed on A3r: frances wolfreston her bouk.  ‡z Curatorial file available.

Curatorial files for material not (yet) in Hamnet

Call numbers and/or accession numbers for material not (yet) in Hamnet but with a curatorial file are listed here. If you're creating a Hamnet record for something on this list, please update the list.

  • PA6754 .T6 1531 Cage
  • PA8547 .M56 1582 Cage copy 2
  • DG81 .P2 1608 Cage