Cookbook of Grace Blome, 1697 V.b.301

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Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of fol. 61v in the Cookbook of Grace Blome originally made as part of the Practical Paleography Series, sponsored by EMMO. As this is a basic transcription, line rulings from the manuscript and larger size letters for the recipe titles are not shown.

To make Musterd

Take of the Best Mustard seed (which is Black) one quart dry it gently
in an Oven and beat it to afine Powder and searce it then
mingle it with as much strong wine vinegar as will make it
pretty Liquid for it will dry with keeping put to this alittle white
pepper beaten small and a spoonfull of suger lay agood Onion
quartered in the Bottom and arace of Ginger scraped and Bruised
stir it Often with ahorse Radish root Cleansed which must always lay
in the pott till it hath lost its vertue then take anew one it is not
good till it hath stood amonth & fomented it will keep long & grow

To Make Chocolet Cakes

Take halfe apound of Double Refined suger and two spoon=
fulls of Chocolet scraped fine the Rine of one Lemon Grated
2 or 3 spoonfulls of fair water and 2 spoonfulls of Orangeflower
water the suger and water must be boyled to suger againe or to a
Candy hight then put in the Lemon peel and Chocolett and take it
up straight you must drop it in Cakes & Card panns

To pott a Haunch of Venson

Take ahaunch and slitt the flesh on the inside and take out the
bone then take of all the thick skin from the Out, and cut off the
Nuckle which is the sinew part then season it with salt and pepper
finely beaten as much as you think fitt and about 3 Nutmeggs
beaten then put it whole into astrong glased Crock that will
hold it and lay about halfe apound of Butter on the Topp and cover
it over with the skins you may break the bones and bake the Marrow
in the Middle of the Meat and Moysten it then Cover the pott over
with awett browne paper and doe past close over it and bake it
5 or 6 houres according to the size of your Venison when it comes
out of the Oven Cut it out in peeces to fitt the potts pretty hard and
as the Liquor rises pour it away then lett it stand till tis halfe Cold
then fill the pott with Clarified Butter