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The Folger collection includes a number of monograph series to which new volumes are still being added.

  • As of July 2014, new continuation items (usually a few per week) are left on the designated cart in the Cataloging office.
  • Search in Voyager by acquisition number
  • For series in which all volumes have a shared title (and a single record):
    • Open holdings record
    • Update holdings in 866 field
    • Indicate gaps in holdings by comma (or begin a new 866 field)
  • For series in which volumes have distinct titles (and separate records):
  • Add new item
    • Location: DeckB-Open Stacks [for most items]
    • Type: Open Stacks
    • Enum/Chron: for volumes with shared titles, based on series numbering; should align with 866 field
  • Complete physical processing
    • If applicable, fold clear cover over book jacket.
    • Stamp inside back cover with Folger logo stamp
    • Affix barcode to lower right of the book’s back cover
      • Make certain manufacturer’s barcode is interrupted or covered
      • Remove manufacturer labels or stickers whenever possible
    • Write call number in upper left corner of title page verso
  • Mark "Added piece" or "New" on statistics sheet as appropriate
  • Send to Deck B circulation desk for lettering