Constant data

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Constant data is the term used for macros in the OCLC Connexion client. Folger catalogers have shared "constant data" files for both bibliographic and authority records.

Bibliographic constant data

Naming conventions

  • use lowercase letters
  • add "mss" at the end of names, when appropriate (for example, "letter" inserts the 655 "Letters (correspondence)" while "letter mss" creates a full suite of manuscript-appropriate fixed and variable fields.... or at least, it will once it has been created)

My Status conventions

  • bibliography
  • genre/form
  • genre/form template
  • name
  • template

Authority constant data

Naming conventions

  • use lowercase letters
  • use the singular for persons (e.g. legislator, painter)

My Status conventions

End with yyyy-mm created, modified, or last checked

  • affiliation
  • dates
  • form [of a work]
  • gender
  • language [of a person's works]
  • occupation/field
  • place
  • see also
  • source
  • type [of business]