Connexion client

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Folger staff use OCLC's Connexion client to search existing bibliographic and authority records in WorldCat. In addition, Acquisitions staff use it to import records to Voyager when creating Purchase Orders, and Cataloging staff use it to catalog Folger material (then export to Voyager).


Each user needs their own authorization number and password. See the Head of Collection Information Services if you need one, or if your existing permissions levels need to be changed.


The first time you use the Connexion client, go to Tools > Options to customize your "profile" to match Folger practice and your preferences. You can also create custom macros, text strings, and "User Tools." To avoid having to re-do the options when moving to a new computer, you'll need to copy your existing profile to the new computer. See Connexion client options for specific instructions.

Locked records

  • If you get the “This record is in use by another user” message and the record isn’t in use by someone else: close Connexion, turn off your computer for a minute or more, re-boot, and re-try.
  • If that doesn't work, make sure no one else is in the file, go to the “Local File Manger” and “Compact/Repair” the save file.
  • If that doesn’t fix it, try having someone else “Compact/Repair” it from their account.
  • If that fails, use the OCLC help button. They may be able to recover the corrupted files.
  • Or, if you're feeling optimistic and techie and don't want to bother OCLC staff:
  1. Rename your current save file by adding today’s date to the end of the name in the form yyyymmdd
  2. Move it into “I:\Connexion\LocalSaveFiles\Compact-repair failures of the past” in order to get it out of the pick lists
  3. Copy the relevant .bac file
  4. Make it the new “current” save file by removing “.bac” from the filename
  5. Compact/repair the new save file
  6. Try to get back into the formerly-locked record in the new save file
  • If optimistic/techie technique doesn't work, go back to the OCLC help button.