Comic books and graphic novels

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Ambox notice.png This article contains text copied from legacy files and may or may not reflect current information.

  • Comic books of Shakespeare usually go into the Sh.Misc. collection
  • Comic books are considered an adaptation of the original work, even if dialogue from the original work is used. Enter under the heading for the adaptation with an added entry for the original work
  • Make a note on the nature of the comic book, unless this information is contained in the title or elsewhere in the record.
 500 Comic book adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, with selections of original dialogue incorporated into the color-illustrated narrative. 
  • Add 655 for Comic books, subdivided by place and city of publication, year of publication, and ǂ2 rbgenr.
655 7 Comic books ǂz New York (State) ǂz New York ǂy 1955. ǂ2 rbgenr 
  • Do not add a subject heading for Shakespeare and/or the work, with or without the subdivisions ǂx Adaptations ǂv Comic books, strips, etc.