Charge for Goodwife Ivery, 1587, L.f.218

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Charges for Goodwife Ivery



Guide to the E. Williams Watermark Collection, including the Papers of the Hale Family of King's Walden and Other Papers

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Below is a semi-diplomatic transcription of Leaf 1 recto of Folger manuscript L.f.218. The transcription below was created by the Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) project. To access an image of the original leaf, click on each transcription's heading.

L.f.218, leaf 1r

per xxix Elizabeth Regine

Hale________pro tractum narri _____________xijd

hr__________pro scriptum in [.]xameno______iiijd

Same_______pro [..]tunc accuentis inde _____iiijd

____________pro fee denarius Attornatus_____iijs iiijd

____________Tr um sequentis

____________pro regula ____________________iiijd

____________pro pro intr accuentis inde______xijd

____________pro [..ntis] inde________________xijd

____________probe facta ___________________xiijd

____________pro retornatus inde ____________ijs

____________pro Distress Ium Assisae _______xxjd

____________pro Nostri prius _______________vijs

____________pro fee denarius Attornatus_____iijs iiijd

____________Summa xxijs vjd

____________By [mark] me Thomam Hynde