Census of Ben Jonson 1616 folios

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The workes of Beniamin Ionson was published in 1616 by William Stansby. A fuller introduction is needed here!

The following is a list of the current locations of F1616. Institutional locations are listed first.

Copies held at the Folger Shakespeare Library

The workes of Beniamin Ionson. Imprinted at London : By Will Stansby, ano. D. 1616. See Hamnet record for STC 14751 for full descriptions.

  1. STC 14751 copy 1 (folio)
  2. STC 14751 copy 2 (folio)
  3. STC 14751 copy 3 (folio)
  4. STC 14751 copy 4 (folio) Variant imprint: London : Printed by William Stansby, ano. D. 1616.
  5. STC 14751 copy 5 (folio) Imperfect, [par.]1-6 and A1 lacking.
  6. STC 14751 copy 6 (folio) Imperfect: lacking t.p. and blank.
  7. STC 14751 copy 7 (folio)
  8. STC 14751 copy 8 Bd.w. STC 26145 no.1 (folio) Fragment, leaf P4 only.
  9. STC 14751 copy 9 Bd.w. STC 26145 no.1 (folio) Fragment, leaf 2X4 only.
  10. STC 14751 copy 10 (folio) Large paper copy.
  11. STC 14751 copy 11 (folio) Large paper copy. Made-up copy, with gathering 3L supplied from an ordinary paper copy.
  12. STC 14752 (folio) Imprint: London : Printed by William Stansby, and are to be sould by Rich. Meighen, ano. D. 1616. Hamnet record for STC 14752

Copies held at the Newberry Library

  1. STC 14751, Case Y 135 .J735 v. 1. See Newberry catalog record.

Copies held at the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University

  1. STC 14751, L Kestnbaum J81w 1616. See NUcat record.

Copies held at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Illinois

  1. Q. 822 J731616. See UIUC catalog record.


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