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David Gants, "The 1616 Folio (F1): Textual Essay" in ''The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online,'' http://universitypublishingonline.org/cambridge/benjonson/k/essays/F1_textual_essay/3/
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The workes of Beniamin Ionson was published in 1616 by William Stansby.

The following is a list of the current locations of F1616. Institutional locations are listed first.

Copies held at the Folger Shakespeare Library

The workes of Beniamin Ionson. Imprinted at London : By Will Stansby, ano. D. 1616. See Hamnet record for full descriptions.

  1. STC 14751 Copy 1
  2. STC 14751 Copy 2
  3. STC 14751 Copy 3
  4. STC 14751 Copy 4
  5. STC 14751 Copy 5, Imperfect, [par.]1-6 and A1 lacking.
  6. STC 14751 Copy 6, Imperfect: lacking t.p. and blank.
  7. STC 14751 Copy 7
  8. STC 14751 copy 8 Bd.w. STC 26145 no.1,Fragment, leaf P4 only.
  9. STC 14751 Copy 9 Bd.w. STC 26145 no.1, Fragment, leaf 2X4 only.
  10. STC 14751.2 Copy 1, possibly large paper copy.
  11. STC 14751.2 Copy 2, possibly large paper copy.

Copies held at the Newberry Library

  1. STC 14751, Case Y 135 .J735 v. 1. See Newberry catalog record.

Copies held at the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University

  1. STC 14751, L Kestnbaum J81w 1616. See NUcat record.


David Gants, "The 1616 Folio (F1): Textual Essay" in The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online, http://universitypublishingonline.org/cambridge/benjonson/k/essays/F1_textual_essay/3/