Bibliographies and syllabi from Folger Institute seminars

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This article is a resource which provides past syllabi and bibliographies from previous Folger Institute seminars, workshops, and colloquia.

David Armitage

The Foundations of Modern International Thought, 1494–1713
Late-Spring 2002 Seminar

Palmira Brummett

Constantinople/Istanbul: Destination, Way-Station, City of Renegades
Fall 2007 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Euan Cameron

Martin Luther and the Sixteenth-Century Universe
Fall 2006 Seminar

Theresa Coletti

Periodization and its Discontents: Medieval and Early Modern Pathways in Literature
Fall 2011 Seminar

Tom Conley

Mapping the Early Modern World
Spring 1998 Conference

David Cressy and Lori Anne Ferrell

Site of Cultural Stress from Reformation to Revolution
Summer 2004 NEH Institute

Lorraine Daston

Observation in Early Modern Europe
Spring 2008 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Lynn Enterline

The English Grammar School: Rhetoric, Discipline, Masculinity
Spring 2007 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Margaret J.M. Ezell

Acquiring Education: Early Modern Women's Pedagogies
Spring 2013 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Lori Anne Ferrell and Kathleen Lynch

An Anglo-American History of the KJV
Fall 2011 Conference

Paula Findlen

Women on the Verge of Science: Gender and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe
Late-Spring 2003 Seminar

Paul Halliday

Law as Politics in England and the Empire, ca. 1600-1830
Spring Semester Seminar 2013.

W. Speed Hill

The Theory and Practice of Scholarly Editing
Fall 2001 Seminar

Benjamin Kaplan

Religious Conflict and Toleration
Spring 2005 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Roslyn L. Knutson

Theatrical Commerce and the Repertory System in Early Modern England
Fall 2003 Seminar

Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Texts of Imagination and Empire: The Founding of Jamestown and its Atlantic Context
Summer 2000 NEH Institute

Theodore Leinwand, Kathleen Lynch, and Barbara Mowat

Shakespeare in American Education, 1607-1934
Spring 2007 Conference

Pamela O. Long and Pamela H. Smith

Experience and Experiment in Early Modern Europe
Summer 2001 NEH Institute

Diarmaid MacCulloch

The English Reformation, 1500-1640: One or Many?
Late-Spring 2004 Seminar

Richard McCoy

Redefining the Sacred in Early Modern England
Summer 1998 NEH Institute

Steven May

A Manuscript Miscellany
Summer 2005 NEH Institute

Barbara A. Mowat

Theory and Practice of Editing
Spring 1998 Seminar

Craig Muldrew

Connections, Trust, and Causation in Economic History
Spring 2008 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Marcy Norton

Entangled Trajectories: Integrating European and Native American Histories
Fall 2013 Seminar

Ruth Perry

Ballads, Broadsides, and Eighteenth-Century Culture
Spring 2005 Seminar

Carla Gardina Pestana and David Shields

Empire and Culture in the Early Modern English Caribbean
Fall 2010 Seminar

J.G.A. Pocock, Linda Levy Peck, Gordon Schochet

1603: Kingship Renewed
Spring 2003 Seminar

Valerie Traub

Early Modern Embodiment
Spring 2004 Seminar

Evelyn Tribble

The Early Modern Book in a Digital Age
Spring 2001 Workshop

Nicholas Tyacke

The University Cultures of Early Modern Oxford and Cambridge
Fall 2008 Faculty Weekend Seminar

Virginia Mason Vaughan

Emerging Ethnographies in Shakespeare's England
Fall 2005 Seminar

Greg Walker and Kathleen Lynch

The Second Shepherds' Play and Early Drama Studies Workshop
Fall 2007 Workshop

Keith Wrighton

Mutualities and Obligations: Social Relationships in Early Modern England
Spring 2003 Seminar

Stephen N. Zwicker

Habits of Reading
Summer 1998 NEH Institute