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BardMetrics is a project devised to collect, store, and make available data pertaining to the publication and performance of Shakespeare in modern times.

The ability to visualize data is extremely helpful in the quest to trace or identify a pattern. Tangible representations breathe life into abstract concepts. Additionally, data pools become more useful as they grow. The larger a sample set, the more effective pattern tracing within that sample set becomes. In essence, the optimal environment for pattern discovery (which can lead to trend identification) is one which offers a large pool of information easily manipulated into visual cues such as graphs and charts. In order to provide such an environment, the Folger Shakespeare Library is unveiling its new initiative: BardMetrics.

In partnership with cooperating organizations, BardMetrics hopes to collate information including (but not limited to): plays performed in any given year, ticket sales, publication information (book and article topics and their demand over given years), book sales, audience statistics, website visitor statistics, etc. from some of the top producers of Shakespeare-related material in the English-speaking world. The Folger Digital Reading Room will serve as a hub of such information, offering a friendly interface for researchers to interact with this data in fresh, creative ways.

In so doing, BardMetrics and the Folger hope to open new avenues for scholarship and ease the path of current researchers. To become a part of BardMetrics, or to gain access to the Folger Digital Reading Room, contact the BardMetrics team.

The BardMetrics Finding Aid can take you through all items currently in our collection.

For further information about the individual institutions participating in the BardMetrics project, visit:

Folger Editions/Simon & Schuster
Open Source Shakespeare
BardMetrics Shakespeare Quarterly