Augustin Daly

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This article serves as a portal to the various finding aids associated with theatrical manager and playwright, Augustin Daly (20 July 1838-7 June 1899), whose papers are held at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Read more about the Augustin Daly collection of Extra-illustrated books on the Folger's research blog, The Collation.

Online finding aids

Letters from Daly

Guide to the Augustin Daly Letters and Papers, 1849-1916 (Folger MS Y.c.2602-3099, Y.c.4000-5378)

Letters to Daly from Edwin Booth

Autograph letters signed from Edwin Booth to various recipients (Folger MS Y.c.215 (1-534))

Paper finding aids in pdf format

For volumes ART Vol. b23-b35.

Contents lists: books extra-illustrated for Daly by Augustus Toedtedberg

ART Vol. b23: As You Like It, vol. 1
ART Vol. b24: As You Like It, vol. 2
ART Vol. b25: Love's Labor's Lost
ART Vol. b26: Merchant of Venice, vol. 1
ART Vol. b27: Merchant of Venice, vol. 2
ART Vol. b28: Merry Wives of Windsor
ART Vol. b29: Much Ado About Nothing
ART Vol. b30: Taming of the Shrew
ART Vol. b31:The Tempest
ART Vol. b32: Twelfth Night, vol. 1
ART Vol. b33: Twelfth Night, vol. 2
ART Vol. b34: Two Gentlemen of Verona
ART Flat c18: Midsummer Night's Dream (acquired separately: no list yet)