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==Alternate spellings of ingredients and recipes==
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The following is a list of spellings of selected common words found in our manuscript recipe book collection. The list is case insensitive and contains both singular and plural forms. This list is not comprehensive and is meant to assist searching our manuscript recipe book collection, which is transcribed semi-diplomatically and not modernized.
This resource was created by Caitlin Walsh (University College London) as part of her placement at Early Modern Recipes Online Collection (EMROC).
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* Sugar
* Suger
* Sugre
* Shugar
* Syrups
* Syrope
* Syroop
* Sirope
* Syrip
* Sirup
* Sirrup
* Siruop
* Siroupe
* Syrupp
* Syrrupe
* Syrrupp
* Syrupps
* Syrruppe
* Surrup
* Surrupe
*Wall nuts

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