Alan Stewart

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

Short-term fellowship

“The Oxford Francis Bacon‚ volume II: Late Elizabethan Writings‚ 1596-1602” (2015–2016)

“French Shakespeare” (2011–2012)

Scholarly Programs

Co-director, (with Carole Levin) Researching the Archive (Seminar, 2018–2019)

Speaker, Thomas Nashe and His Contemporaries (Symposium, 2017-2018)

Session chair, Periodization 2.0 (Symposium, 2015–2016)

Co-director, (with Carole Levin) Researching the Archive (Seminar, 2012–2013)

Public Programs

Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture, "How Shakespeare Made History" (April 21, 2008)


Co-Curator, (with Garrett Sullivan) History in the Making: How Early Modern Britain Reimagined its Past (January 24, 2008–May 17, 2008)

Co-Curator, (with Heather Wolfe) Letterwriting in Renaissance England (November 18, 2004-April 2, 2005)


Consortium Representative, Columbia University

Editorial Board, Shakespeare Quarterly