A Medieval Christmas (2021)

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Folger Consort performed "A Medieval Christmas" from December 10 – 18, 2021 at St. Marks on Capitol Hill.


For its annual holiday concerts of cherished music from the early music repertoire, Folger Consort presents an intimate program revisiting its beloved album, A Medieval Christmas (Bard Records, 1990/2007). Carols in English from the Middle Ages—with such favorites as “Lullay, lullow”, “Ah, my dear son,” and “Gabriel from heaven’s king” as well as Medieval Latin carols from throughout Europe—will be performed in unique arrangements for historical instruments. The generously resonant nave of St. Mark’s on Capitol Hill provides the ideal acoustical backdrop for harmonious and joyful early music for the Yuletide season.


Robert Eisenstein: Vielle, Recorder, Artistic Director

Christopher Kendall: Lute, Citole, Artistic Director

Dan Meyers: Medieval Winds

Emily Noël: Soprano

Mary Springfels: Vielle, Citole