A Digital Anthology scholarly advisory committee

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In constructing A Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama, the Folger is grateful to the advice and assistance of a number of outside scholars. These scholars will additionally contribute to the efficacy of the project by leading sessions during two workshops, one for college faculty and another for undergrads, over the two years of the Digital Anthology project.

The scholarly committee includes:

• Anupam Basu (Washington University in St. Louis)

• Kristen Bennett (Stonehill College)

Alan B. Farmer (Ohio State University)

• Julia Flanders (Northeastern)

Alan Galey (Toronto)

• Brian Geiger (UC-Riverside)

Brett Hirsch (University of Western Australia)

Joseph Loewenstein (Washington University in St. Louis)

Jeremy Lopez (Toronto)

• Jeff Masten (Northwestern)

• Linda McJannet (Bentley University)

• Martin Mueller (Northwestern)

Daniel Powell (UVic)

Katherine Rowe (Smith)

Daniel Shore (Georgetown)

• Michael Ullyot (Calgary)

• Rebecca Welzenbach (UMich)

• Jacqueline Wernimont (Arizona State)