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[[Folger Institute]] short-term fellows for the 2016–2017 year. See [[previous Folger Institute short-term fellows]] for a multi-year list of previous fellows.
[[Angela Andreani]], Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellow, English, University of Sussex
:''Meredith Hanmer: Mapping the career of an Anglican Divine in the Elizabethan Church''
[[Kerri Andrews]], Associate Professor, School of Humanities, University of Strathclyde
:''The Letters of Hannah More: A Digital Edition''
[[Matthew Augustine]], Lecturer, School of English, University of St. Andrews
:''Aesthetics of Contingency: Writing, Politics, and Culture in England, 1639-1689''
[[Chris Barrett]], Assistant Professor, English, Louisiana State University
:''The Underside of the Map: Cartographic Anxieties and Early Modern English Literature''
[[Sara Beam]], Associate Professor, History, University of Victoria
:''The Violence of Godly Justice: Torture in the Republic of Geneva‚ 1550-1750''
[[Fabrizio Bigotti]], Associate Research Fellow, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter
:Santorio Santorio ''in the Manuscripts of the Folger Shakespeare Library (1607-1658)''
[[Anston Bosman]], Associate Professor, English, Amherst College
:''Shakespeare in Multimedia Translation''
[[William Carroll]], Professor, English, Boston University
:''Multiplying Villainies: A Cultural History of'' Macbeth
[[Jennifer Clement]], Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Arts, The University of Queensland
:''Print‚ Passions‚ and the Early Modern Sermon‚ 1603-1660''
[[Jason Cohen]], Assistant Professor, English, Berea College
:Scala Intellectualis: ''Functions of Scale in Francis Bacon's New Humanism''
[[Sonya Cronin]], Independent Scholar
:''Royalist Counter Public: Royalist Networks and Communications during the Interregnum''
[[Ambereen Dadabhoy]], Visiting Assistant Professor, Literature, Harvey Mudd College
:''Why Black Lives Matter in Shakespeare''
[[Katharine De Rycker]], Research Associate, School of English Literature, Language, and Linguistics, Newcastle University
:''The Thomas Nashe Project''
[[Michelle DiMeo]], Curator of Digital Collections, Othmer Library of Chemical History, Chemical Heritage Foundation
:''The Intellectual Life of Katherine Jones‚ Lady Ranelagh (1615-91)''
[[Hillary Eklund]], Associate Professor, English, Loyola University New Orleans
:''World Enough and Time: Ecology and the Logic of Empire in Renaissance Literature''
[[Frances Gage]], Associate Professor, Fine Arts, Buffalo State, SUNY
:''Gossip‚ Blasphemy and Conversion: The Discalced Carmelites and the Reception of Caravaggio's'' Death of the Virgin
[[John Garcia]], Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, American Antiquarian Society
:''Transatlantic Rambles: John Dunton‚ Colonial New England‚ and the London Book Trade‚ 1686 to 1700''
[[Indira Ghose]], Professor, English, University of Fribourg
:''Renaissance Courtesy Literature and the Theatre''
[[Benjamin Goldberg]], Instructor, Humanities and Cultural Studies, University of South Florida
:''Medicine and Margaret Cavendish''
[[Marissa Greenberg]], Associate Professor, English, University of New Mexico
:''Adam in the Motions: Revolution in Seventeenth-Century Literature''
[[Hiro Hirai]], Lecturer, Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen
:''Forgery and Signature between Magic and Science: Pseudo-Paracelsus's "De natura rerum"''
[[Richard Hoyle]], Professor, Institute of Historical Research, University of London
:''Petitioning as a Means of Communication in Early Modern England‚ 1558-1642''
[[Ann Hughes]], Professor Emerita, School of Humanities, Keele University
:''Preachers‚ Hearers‚ Readers in the English Revolution''
[[Phebe Jensen]], Professor, English, Utah State University
:''The Early Modern English Calendar''
[[Brian Lockey]], Associate Professor, English, St. John's University
:''"To the Defense of my Secret Conscience": Public Narratives of Conversion within the Early Modern Republic of Letters''
[[Jesus López-Peláez Casellas]], Associate Professor, English, University of Jaen
:''The Loss of Spain'' topos: ''A Critical Bilingual (Spanish and English) Edition of Thomas Dekker's'' Lust's Dominion ''and W. Rowley's'' All's Lost by Lust
[[Lucia Martinez]], Assistant Professor, English, Reed College
:''Mere Meter: Early Modern Metrical Psalms and the Sound of English Poetry''
[[Vin Nardizzi]], Associate Professor, English, University of British Columbia
:''Marvellous Vegetables in Renaissance Poetry''
[[Julia Osman]], Assistant Professor, History‚ Mississippi State University
:''War by the Book: Disciplining War in French Imagination and On the Battlefield 1550-1789''
[[Holly Pickett]], Associate Professor, English, Washington and Lee University
:''Sensational Idolatry: Reforming the Senses in Early Modern English Drama''
[[Jason Gray Platt]], Playwright
:''Ye Bare and Ye Cubb''
[[Laura Rosenthal]], Professor, English, University of Maryland
:''Cosmopolites: Men of the World‚ Sophisticated Ladies‚ and the London Theater Culture‚ 1660-1760''
[[Anna Sagal]], Independent Scholar
:''Women's Periodicals and the Philosophical Girl''
[[Elizabeth Scala]], Professor, English‚ University of Texas
:''Shakespeare and the Renaissance Chaucer Book''
[[Emma Solberg]], Assistant Professor, English, Bowdoin College
:''The Promiscuity of the Virgin''
[[Ginger Strand]], Non-Fiction Writer
:''Charlotte Cushman and her Circle''
[[Erin Sullivan]], Senior Lecturer, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham
:''Shakespeare and Digital Performance''
[[Andrea Sununu]], Professor, English, DePauw University
:''"The Plays‚" for'' The Complete Writings of Katherine Philips''‚ co-edited with Elizabeth H. Hageman''
[[Susan Valladares]], Lecturer, English, Worcester College, University of Oxford
:''The Eighteenth-Century Stock Play''
[[Jessica Walker]], Contingent Faculty, History/Center for Liberal Arts, The Johns Hopkins University
:''Ancestry and Allegiance in Marian England''
[[Andrew Walkling]], Associate Professor, Theatre, Binghamton University
:''Music for the Restoration Tempest, 1695–1775: Henry Purcell's Successors and the 1786'' Harrison ''Score''
[[Daniel Wasserman-Soler]], Assistant Professor, History, Alma College
:''A Sixteenth-Century Best-Seller: Luis de Granada's'' Libro de la oracion y meditacion
[[Andy Wood]], Professor, History, Durham University
:''Social Relations and Everyday Life in England‚ 1500-1640''
[[David Worrall]], Professor, English, Nottingham Trent University
:''The Economics of Culture: Drury Lane during Edmund Kean’s Early Seasons''
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