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Folger Institute short-term fellows for the 2015–2016 year. See previous Folger Institute short-term fellows for a multi-year list of previous fellows.
#REDIRECT [[Folger Institute 2016-2017 short-term fellows]]
Hannah Baker-Saltmarsh, Artist in Residence
:Research for poetry manuscript, Author Comma A Lady
Sarah Barnden, Postdoctoral Fellow, English, King’s College, London
:Shakespeare Performance and the Royal Collections‚ 1714-1952
Lakshmi Bulathsinghala, Adjunct Lecturer, Theatre‚ Asian and Asian-American Studies, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, State University of New York, Binghamton
:Humor and Amusement on the Western and the Eastern Stage:  A Study of the Clown Characters in Shakespearean Drama and Sri Lankan Nurthi
Sarah Burdett, Independent Scholar
:Martial Women in the British Theatre‚ 1789-1815
Victoria Burke, Associate Professor, English, University of Ottawa
:Collecting, Compiling, and Creating: Manuscript Writing by Seventeenth-Century Women
Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SSEMW) Fellow
Brooke Conti, Associate Professor, English, Cleveland State University
:Religious Nostalgia from Shakespeare to Milton
Eugenia Conwayec, Professor, English, Appalachian State University
:Ballad Keepers of the “Old Love Songs”
Sonya Cronin, Independent Scholar
:Royalist Counter Public: Royalist Networks and Communications during the Interregnum
Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Fellow
Brian Cummings, Anniversary Professor, English and Related Literature, University of York
:Memory‚ Humanism‚ & the Reformation
Noah Dauber, Associate Professor, Political Science, Colgate University
:The Reformed Ethics of Thomas Hobbes
Markman Ellis, Professor, School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London
:Theatrical sociability: Charles Macklin’s British Inquisition‚ 1753-1755
Misha Ewen, Postdoctoral Fellow, History, University College London
:Intimate Connections: Virginia and English Society in the Seventeenth Century
Christine Ferdinand, Emerita Fellow Librarian, Libraries and Archives, Magdalen College Oxford
:A Biography of the Actor‚ Singer‚ and Businesswoman Anne Bracegirdle
Amy Froide, Professor, History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
:Clayton‚ Morris & Co.: the Clientele of an early Banking House in Restoration London
Shanti Graheli, Research Assistant, School of History, University of St. Andrews
:A European Bestseller: The Orlando Furioso and Its Readers
Eilish Gregory, Postdoctoral Researcher, History, University College London
:The Integration of the Catholic Community in English Society‚ 1649-1689
Matthew Growhoski, Assistant Research Professor and Lecturer, History, Vanderbilt University
:Satire and Secret War: Literary Violence in the Age of Reformation
Helen Hattab, Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Houston
:Substance‚ Unity and Universals in 16th and 17th Century Philosophy
Sarah Higinbotham, Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow, Literature‚ Media‚ and Communication, Georgia Tech University
:The Violence of the Law: Aesthetics of Justice in Early Modern England
Jonathan Hsy, Associate Professor and Founding Co-Director, English and Digital Humanities Institute, The George Washington University
:Digital Pasts: Deaf Culture and the Middle Ages
Angela Iannone, Artist in Residence
:“The Prince” Play Five in The Edwin Booth Plays- Edwin Booth, Tommaso Salvini and the performance of Hamlet and Othello in 19th Century American Theatre
John Jowet, Professor and Deputy Director, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham
:Transcript and edition of Edward Dering's Henry IV
Carrie Klaus, Professor, French, DePauw University
:Le Sceptre de la France en quenouille: Women’s Political Authority and Expression in the Fronde
Laura Kolb, Assistant Professor, English, Baruch College, The City University of New York
:Fictions of Credit in the Age of Shakespeare
Heather Kopelson, Associate Professor, History, University of Alabama
:Idolatrous Processions: Music, Dance, and Cultural Exchange in the Atlantic World, 1500-1700
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture (OIEAHC) Fellow
Stephanie Koscak, Assistant Professor, History, Wake Forest University
:Royal Subjects: Mass Media and the Reinvention of Reverence
Colin Lahive, National University of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of English‚ Drama and Film, University College Dublin
:Milton's Irish Readers
Katarzyna Lecky, Assistant Professor, English, Bucknell University
:English Roots: Cultivating the Early Modern Commonwealth
Hilary Leichter, Artist in Residence
:The Ghost: A Commonplace Book
Ivan Lupic, Assistant Professor, English, Stanford University
:Shakespeare and the End of Editing
Lynne Magnusson, Professor, English, University of Toronto
:Shakespeare's Language and the Grammar of Possibility
James Marino, Associate Professor, English, Cleveland State University
:The Laius Complex: Shakespeare‚ Freud‚ and the Murderous Father
Clare McManus, Professor, English and Creative Writing, University of Roehampton
:Early Modern Women's Performance and the Dramatic Canon
Nedda Mehdizadeh, Lecturer, Writing Programs, University of California, Los Angeles
:Translating Persia: Safavid Iran and Early Modern English Writing
Marc Mierowsky, S. Ernest Sprott Fellow in Seventeenth-Century Literature, English, University of Cambridge
:Friendship as Resistance in the Poetry of Jacobite Women
David Miller, Carolina Distinguished Professor, English and Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina
:“Amoretti” and “Epithalamion” for The Collected Works of Edmund Spenser
Jennifer Mori, Professor, History, University of Toronto
:Popular science in the Gentleman's Magazine‚ 1778-1826
American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) Fellow
Kendra Packham, Lewis Walpole Library Visiting Fellow, University Library, Yale University
:Engaging with Catholic Books in “Long Reformation” England
Courtney Quaintance, Associate Professor, French and Italian, Dartmouth College
:Performing Women: Opera, Literature, and the Female Voice in Early Modern Italy
Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Fellow
Susan Royal, Lecturer, Theology and Religion, Durham University
:Memory and Martyrdom Across Borders: The Waldensians in the Early Modern English Imagination
Simon Ryle, Assistant Professor, English, University of Split
:Shakespeare’s Alphabet: Print Technology and Poetic Infrastructure
Alec Ryrie, Professor, Theology and Religion, Durham University
:An Emotional History of Atheism in Renaissance England
Paul Salzman, Professor Emeritus, English, La Trobe University
:How editors constructed the Renaissance Literary Canon‚ 1825-1915
Maria Shmygol, Postdoctoral Research Associate, English, University of Geneva
:The German Shakespeare Project: Tito Andronico (1620)
Lauren Shohet, Professor, English, Villanova University
:Yet / Once / More: Mediation, Remedy, and Milton's Paradise Lost
James Siemon, Professor, English, Boston University
:Social Hierarchy and Distinction: Shakespeare
Lindsey Snyder, ASL Interpreter, Educator, and Artist, Theatre, American Shakespeare Center
:Sawing the Air Thus: American Sign Language translations of Shakespeare and the Echo of Rhetorical Gesture
Sarah Toulalan, Associate Professor, History, University of Exeter
:Multiple births in early modern England: mortality‚ maternity‚ meanings

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