MARC 245 Title Statement

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MRAC field 245 in the bibliographic format is used to record a title and statement of responsibility for an item. This field is not repeatable.

Basic use and searching

Basic use

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  • Information in this field is searchable in Hamnet. In the basic search tab, use either the Title (Keyword Phrase) and Title (Left-Anchored) option. In the advanced search tab, use the Title option to keyword-search this field. (The general Keyword search option on both the basic and advanced search tabs will also search information in this field.)

Commonly-used tags

1st indicator – Title added entry

0 - No added entry
1 - Added entry

2nd indicator – Nonfiling characters

0 - No nonfiling characters
1-9 - Number of nonfiling characters

Subfield delimiters

ǂa Title (NR) 
ǂb Remainder of title (NR) 
ǂc Statement of responsibility, etc. (NR) 
ǂf Inclusive dates (NR)
ǂg Bulk dates (NR)
ǂh Medium (NR)
ǂk Form (R)
ǂn Number of part/section of work (R)
ǂp Name of part/section of work (R)

Policy and formulation

  • Follow guidelines in RDA and DCRM(B, G, MSS) when formulating title statements and statements of responsibility.
  • Generally, do not omit qualifications from a statement of responsibility using a mark of omission
    • i.e.: when cataloging with RDA, follow; when cataloging with DCRM(B), do not take the option at 1E8 to omit qualifications

Voyager configuration

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