List of keyword search fields in Voyager and their associated MARC codes

This table lists keyword searches that are available from the "Advanced" search tab in the Voyager Cataloging staff module as of June 17, 2016. These searches are currently only available to staff using the staff client. See List of keyword search fields in Hamnet and their associated MARC codes for searches available in Hamnet, the public-facing online catalog.

Additional searches can be added by request. Names are in the process of being changed in order to be found by MARC tag.

Name Code Fields/subfields searched
Call Number 09XA 050ǂf; 090ǂabfkm; 099ǂaf; 524ǂa; 852ǂjdhikmx; 950ǂab; 955ǂabq
Personal Author (100) 100A 100ǂacdq
Corporate Author (110) 110A 110ǂabcdefgkl
Conference Name (111) 111A 111ǂacdefgklnpq
130 Uniform Title 130A 130ǂadfklmnops
100$e 110$e 111$e relator term 1XXE 100ǂe; 110ǂe; 111ǂe
Title, Key 210A 210ǂab; 222ǂab
240, 243 Uniform Title 240A 240ǂadfklmnoprs; 243ǂadfklmnoprs
Title Proper 245A 245ǂabch
245$c Statement of responsibility 245C 245ǂc
Material type [GMD] 245H 245ǂh
Title, Varying Form 246A 246ǂabfnp 247ǂabfnp
Edition Statement 250A 250ǂ6ab
Publisher/Printer Name 260B 260ǂbf; 264ǂb
Published/Created Date 260C 245ǂf; 260ǂcg; 264ǂc
Serial Identifier (Recordings) 262K 262ǂk
Physical Description 300A 300ǂabefcg
300$b Other Physical Details 300B 300ǂb
Size/Format 300C 300ǂcg
Series: Personal Name 400N 400ǂacd
Series Title: Personal 400T 400ǂknptv
Series: Corporate Name 410N 410ǂabcdefgkl
Series Title: Corporate 410T 410ǂknptv
Series: Conference Name 411N 411ǂacdefgkl
Series Title: Conference 411T 411ǂknptv
Series Title: Title Added Entry 440T 440ǂanpv; 490ǂav
500 General Note 500A 500ǂ3568a
Bibliographic Citation 510A 510ǂabc; 581ǂ3az
583 Action note 583A 583ǂ235acjknox
Exhibition history 585A 585ǂa
590a Folger copy note 590A 590ǂa
Subject: Personal Name 600A 600ǂabcdfgklmnopqrstvxyz
Subject: Corporate Name 610A 610ǂabcdfgklmnoprstvxyz
Subject: Conf/Meeting Name 611A 611ǂabcdefgklnpqstvxyz
Subject: Uniform Title 630A 630ǂadfgklmnoprstvxyz
Subject: Topical 650A 650ǂabcdvxyze
Staff topical subject form subdivision 650V 650ǂv
Subject: Geographic Name 651A 651ǂabvxyz
Subject: Uncontrolled 653A 653ǂa
655 Form/Genre 655A 655ǂabcvxyz
Subject: Local 690A 690ǂ%abvxyz
Subject: Local Geographic 691A 691ǂabvxyz
Other Personal Name 700A 700ǂacdq
Other Personal Name: Title 700T 700ǂknpt
Other Corporate Name 710A 710ǂabcdefgkl
Other Corporate Name: Title 710T 710ǂknpt
Other Conference Name 711A 711ǂacdefgkl
Other Conference Name: Title 711T 711ǂknpt
AE: Uniform Title (730) 730A 730ǂadfklmnoprs
AE: Related Analytical Title 740A 740ǂanp
Obsolete 7XX 755A 705ǂa; 715ǂa; 755ǂa
Main Series Entry (760) 760A 760ǂabst
Subseries Entry (762) 762A 762ǂabst
Original Language Entry (765) 765A 765ǂabst
Translation (767) 767A 767ǂabst
Supplement/Special Issue Entry (770) 770A 770ǂabst
Parent Record Entry (772) 772A 772ǂabst
773 Host Item Entry 773A 773ǂabst
Other Edition Entry (775) 775A 775ǂabst
Additional Physical Form (776) 776A 776ǂabst
Issued With Entry (777) 777A 777ǂabst
Preceding Entry (780) 780A 780ǂabst
Preceding Title (780t) 780T 780ǂst
Succeeding Entry (785) 785A 785ǂabst
Succeeding Title (785t) 785T 785ǂst
Non-Specific Relationship (787) 787A 787ǂabst
Local tracings 79XA 796ǂa
700$e 710$e 711$e relator term 7XXE 700ǂe; 710ǂe; 711ǂe
Series AE: Personal Name 800N 800ǂacdq
Series AE: Personal Title 800T 800ǂknptv
Series AE: Corporate Name 810N 810ǂabcdefgkl
Series AE: Corporate Title 810T 810ǂkptv
Series AE: Conference Name 811N 811ǂacdefgkl
Series AE: Conference Title 811T 811ǂkptv
Series Added Entry: Title 830T 830ǂanpv
852x - Bib 852 subfield x search 852X 852ǂx
ESTC Operator initials 859B 859ǂb
ESTC Cataloger initials 859C 859ǂc
Series: Local 890A 890ǂanpv
Keyword Any Bib Field GKEY erything from 010-999
Journal Title JKEY 130ǂadfklmnoprs; 210ǂab; 222ǂab; 240ǂadfklmnoprs; 243ǂadflmnoprsk; 245ǂabh; 246ǂabfnp; 247ǂabfnp; 400ǂknptv (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
Folger Copy Notes LNOT 090ǂf; 099ǂf; 590ǂa; 591ǂa; 592ǂa; 593ǂa; 594ǂa; 595ǂa; 596ǂa; 597ǂa; 598ǂa (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
Name NKEY 100ǂacdjqe; 110ǂabcdefgkl; 111ǂacdefgklnpq; 400ǂacd; 410ǂabcdefgkl; 411ǂacdefgkl; 700ǂacdeq; 710ǂabcdefgkl; (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
All Notes NOTE 500ǂa; 501ǂa; 502ǂa; 504ǂab; 505ǂagrtu; 506ǂabcde; 507ǂab; 508ǂa; 509ǂa; 510ǂabcx; (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
Published/Created Place PPLC 260ǂae; 264ǂa; 752ǂabcd; 960ǂa
Staff 035 S035 035ǂ9ax
Staff 509 S509 509ǂa
Staff 533 S533 533ǂ367abcdefmn
Staff 599 S599 599ǂaxz
752 Hierarchical Place Name S752 752ǂabcdfg
Staff 856 subfield 3 S853 856ǂ3
856 Electronic location & access S856 856ǂ2368abcdfhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Staff 950 S950 950ǂabchil
Staff 955 SCIN 955ǂabcdefghijklmxzq
Series SERI 400ǂacdknptv; 410ǂabcdefgklnptv; 411ǂacdefgklnptv; 440ǂanpv; 490ǂav; 760ǂabst; 800ǂacdknpqtv; 810ǂabcdefgklptvn; (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
Subject SKEY 600ǂabcdfgjklmnopqtvxyze; 610ǂabcdfgklmnoprstvxyze; 611ǂabcdefgjklnpqstvxyz; 630ǂ4adefgklmnoprstvxyz; 648ǂ2avxyz; 650ǂ24abcdvxyze; 651ǂ4abevxyz (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)
Staff Language Code Search (041) SLAN 041ǂabdefgh
Test: Garrick Bib 245b TES2 245ǂb
852 Location (incl. $z local note) TEST 852ǂabhixjz
Title TKEY 130ǂadfklmnoprs; 210ǂab; 222ǂab; 240ǂadfklmnoprs; 243ǂadfklmnoprs; 245ǂabcfhknps; 246ǂabfnp; 247ǂabfnp; 400ǂknp (list truncated by character limit, to be updated manually)