Letter from William Thomson to Thomas Beardmore L.a.894

Mr​ Beardmore​ I haue sent your​ Master Cloake and
the Cloath for the gowne and the bayes to lyne
it accordinge to your​ dericons and the to paire
of stokines I sent your​ Master​ Apparill​ by starstine​
the Carier but I never heare whether you Re
ceuid them ore noe I hope you haue Receuid them
I haue sent A bill of them what the Com to you
shall Receue them of taylor​ the Caryer of vceter​
and so with Comendacons to your​ Master​ and Master​ and
to your​ selfe I Reste
Your Assured louinge
frind William Thomson​​
Ite​m ffor straighte Canvace for your​ worshipes dublet xvid​​
Ite​m ffor bombaste and stifninge iis​​
Ite​m ffor halfe A dossen of buttons that was wantinge vd​​
Ite​m ffor A yeard and iii​ qua​r​ters of lace
that was wantinge wainge after & halfe of A nounc xxd
Ite​m ffor iiii 4 yeardes of bayes for your ​hose vis​​
Ite​m ffor milliane fustiane for the p​oketts iis​​
Ite​m ffor bindinge for the waste iid​ ​
Ite​m ffor bindinge for the knees iid​​
Ite​m ffor Ribine for the knees viiid​​
Ite​m ffor A wasteband for your​ dublett iiid​​
Ite​m ffor makinge of your​ hose and dublett viiis​​
Ite​m ffor makinge of your​ Cloake iiis​​
Ite​m ffor A dossen of Russett silke and silver
lounge buttons for your​ Cloake xiis​​
Ite​m ffor silk for your​ Cloake xviiid​​
Ite​m ffor viii​ yeardes and A halfe of bayes
for your​ Cloake and gowne at iiis​ viiid​​ yeard xxxis
Ite​m ffor dinge of tow paire of stockines xviiid
Sum is iiil xs vid
payed and quit as apper​eth by an other bill vpon the fyle