J.G.A. Pocock

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute.

Scholarly Programs

Chair, "Spaces of Law" at Where Was Political Thought in England, c. 1600–1642? (Symposium, 2013–2014)

Co-director (with Gordon J. Schochet), Changing Conceptions of Property (Seminar, 2008–2009)

Visiting speaker, Staging Political Thought (Seminar, 2006–2007)

Speaker, Networks and Practices of Political Exchange: Britain and Europe, 1651–1748 (Symposium, 2004–2005)

Co-director (with Linda Levy Peck and Gordon J. Schochet), 1603: Kingship Renewed (Seminar, 2002–2003)

Co-director of the opening session, Mapping Networks and Practices of Political Exchange in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: British Political Thought in Early Modern Europe (Symposium, 1999–2000)

Speaker, The Putney Debates, 1647 (Conference, 1997–1998)

Director, Empire, Confederation, and Republic: From Atlantic Dominion to American Union (Seminar, 1991–1992)

Co-director (with Lois G. Schwoerer and Gordon J. Schochet), Political Thought in the English Speaking World, 1485–1793 (Seminar, 1989-1990)

Director, Political Thought in the English-Speaking Atlantic (Seminar, 1986–1987)

Guest Lecturer, Political Thought in the Later Stuart Age, 1649–1702 (Seminar, 1985–1986)


Founder of Center for the History of British Political Thought