J. G. A. Pocock

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This page reflects a scholar's association with the Folger Institute. See J. G. A. Pocock (1924–2023) for the obituary from the Center for the History of British Political Thought

Scholarly Programs

Chair, "Spaces of Law" at Where Was Political Thought in England, c. 1600–1642? (Symposium, 2013–2014)

Co-director (with Gordon J. Schochet), Changing Conceptions of Property (Seminar, 2008–2009)

Visiting speaker, Staging Political Thought (Seminar, 2006–2007)

Speaker, Networks and Practices of Political Exchange: Britain and Europe, 1651–1748 (Symposium, 2004–2005)

Co-director (with Linda Levy Peck and Gordon J. Schochet), 1603: Kingship Renewed (Seminar, 2002–2003)

Co-director of the opening session, Mapping Networks and Practices of Political Exchange in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: British Political Thought in Early Modern Europe (Symposium, 1999–2000)

Speaker, The Putney Debates, 1647 (Conference, 1997–1998)

Director, Empire, Confederation, and Republic: From Atlantic Dominion to American Union (Seminar, 1991–1992)

Co-director (with Lois G. Schwoerer and Gordon J. Schochet), Political Thought in the English Speaking World, 1485–1793 (Seminar, 1989-1990)

Director, Political Thought in the English-Speaking Atlantic (Seminar, 1986–1987)

Guest Lecturer, Political Thought in the Later Stuart Age, 1649–1702 (Seminar, 1985–1986)


Founder of Center for the History of British Political Thought